Telegram introduces end-to-end encrypted video calls

The beta version of the app already allows you to make video calls to other users. Now video calling is enabled on Telegram Beta 7.0 for iOS.

Telegram introduces end-to-end encrypted video calls

The alternative messaging application to WhatsApp by experience is Telegram since it is the first one that Android mobile users are turning to every time there is a fall in the Facebook app, which on the other hand is increasingly common. 

There are few things that WhatsApp could surpass Telegram so far, and one of them was that you could make video calls, something impossible on Telegram. 

But nothing is further from reality now, since Telegram has been updated to integrate video calls for the first time, yes, on Android phones.

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Telegram reach the beta

As is usual with changes as important as these, the messaging application has brought this new functionality first to its beta version for Android. 

It was already present in iOS, where they had been released last June, but now it is in Google's operating system where the expected functionality has made an appearance. 

This time it is version 7.0 of Telegram for Android that has released the video calling functionality on these mobiles.

Of course, in order to access these new video calls, it is necessary to be part of the beta of the application, otherwise, if you have the stable version, you will not be able to enjoy this new functionality. 

If you want to install the beta on your mobile, you must access this web page of the application form where you will be able to download this new version 7.0.0. 

It is in it where we will now be able to find the video call icon in the same place where we usually find the voice call icon. 

Now, this new function is just below the normal calls of the messaging app.

So you can make a video call from Telegram

It is the same procedure as when we are going to make a voice call, although with a new video call icon.

  • Enter a chat
  • Click on the three vertical points in the upper right
  • Click on the second "video call" icon where you can see a camera icon

Now you will see how the video call begins with a thumbnail of us in a lower corner where we can see how we are framed, while our interlocutor appears in the larger image. 

As usual, you can change the position of the miniatures and see ourselves in large size instead of the other person.

So the version that was missing with video call already has it, such as Android.

A functionality to which the messaging app arrives somewhat late, but which in this way also prepares for possible outbreaks and confinements, where video calls have become the means of reference to communicate with other people while maintaining social distancing. 

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In this way, in the case of a second wave and strict measures, Telegram will already be prepared to compete with WhatsApp from you to you.

Hopefully, if it has now reached the beta version, it will reach all users in a few weeks.