Best PDF Highlighter Apps for Android and iOS

Here are the 10 best PDF highlighter apps for android and iOS, where you can highlight text, fill forms, and add basic annotations.

Best PDF Highlighter Apps for Android and iOS

 Are you a student and have all your books and notes in PDF? Do the working documents also arrive in this format? It is becoming more and more common to work or study from home. 

And since you don't have a printer, you use the files on your mobile or laptops, although you would like to be able to highlight some parts to understand or memorize them better. Well ... do you know that there are apps to highlight PDF files?

There are many ways to customize these types of files. Starting with all the apps to read PDF, to all those that allow you to make annotations, drawings, and some other modifications.

But highlighting information is essential when it comes to studying and synthesizing, which is why in this article we focus on applications to highlight PDF!

So after having tried most of the tools of this type, we bring you a list of the best ones for Android and iOS.

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Here are 10 Best apps to highlight PDF on Android and iOS

  1. PDF Reader
  2. Exodus
  3. Goodreader
  4. PDF Expert 5
  5. PDF Max Pro
  6. Foxit PDF
  7. Documents 6
  8. Moon + Reader
  9. Squid
  10. Google PDF viewer

There are applications to highlight PDF that you will love and will make your life easier. Your documents and your reading hours will never be the same again thanks to them, they will be much better!

1. PDF Reader

PDF Reader, in addition to allowing you options such as highlighting, offers you the ability to manage and administer everything with a single touch of your finger.

The app allows horizontal or vertical scrolling mode and allows opening files even if they are password protected.

It allows you to create bookmarks, outlines, and go to a specific page or search for a word in the document.

Highlighting, crossing out, and highlighting books is very easy with this app, which also lets you adjust the color and opacity of the highlight.

You can also import and export your files from the application itself.

2. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo is one of the best PDF Highlighter apps for iPhone, the app is available on Google Play for Android and iOS users for free.

The app allows you to highlight texts or ebooks with a pen, fluorescent marker, with shapes, and much more. You can take notes in a totally personalized way on your mobile or tablet. 

This app has the multitasking option, you can work with several docs at the same time and navigate between them through tabs.

In this app, you can use your camera to scan a page or open an existing image to create a new PDF (tif, jpeg, gif, png).

Of course, the app allows you to search for specific words and navigate through thumbnails, bookmarks, or search results.

3. Goodreader

Goodreader is another one of the best PDF Highlighter Apps to mark PDF exclusively for iOS.

We consider this application as one of the most solid and complete in its sector, an app for any type of document: articles, films, maps, or photos. 

It has options such as highlighting texts, signing them, and also rendering files up to 100 Mb. The app works at high speed and allows you to manage files as well as easily send them by mail through the iPhone or iPad.

Not only does it allow you to underline but you can add notes, marks, lines, or any freehand doodle. It also supports MS Office, TXT, and HTML formats. 

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4. PDF Expert 5

PDF Expert 5 is one of the awesome PDF Highlighter Apps that you cannot miss on your iOS device. And is that apart from being able to underline, the app allows you to do many more things.

In this app you can insert texts and marks, sign and even join different PDFs into one. It becomes the perfect app to fill out forms without the need to convert them to other formats.

This app is paid, but it allows you to open different types of formats, such as MS Office, Powerpoint, TXT, iWork, images, and even music and video. 

5. PDF Max Pro

PDF Max Pro PDF Highlighter App is much easier on Android thanks to this fantastic app. You can highlight and underline, as well as write by hand and insert notes, or fill in forms, complete texts, sign, copy, and paste pages. 

This application has more than a million and a half downloads guarantee the quality of this app.

The application supports large documents and has a very high rendering speed, with which we will not waste a minute of our valuable time. 

It allows the same options as its competitors in terms of functions and customization, but with the advantage of being free. There is also a version for iOS, although in this case it is paid.

6. Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF Highlighter Apps is a fast and lightweight option, and this app is ideal for any device. This app has multiple functions: a reader,   you can mark, highlight, and even protect your files.

You can sync your account with other platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. This app is available in 12 languages.

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7. Documents

If you are simply looking to highlight books or ebooks, perhaps this alternative is not for you. Documents 6 is a program that will allow you to manage all kinds of files on your iPad or iPhone. 

It can play videos, music, download files, upload them to the cloud, it serves as a reader and, of course, you can manage them without a problem. 

This app has a functionality that we had not seen until now, you can convert your texts or articles to audio. Can you imagine having your ebooks in the audiobook? Now you can!

8. Moon + Reader

If you like reading and know all the applications to read books,   thanks to Moon + Reader you will be able to go one step further through all the functionalities it offers. 

Moon + Reader has a night mode, an option called "Keep your eyes healthy", access to dictionaries and it also works as an app to highlight PDF.

Through this application, you can access the best book libraries such as Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, or ManyBooks,   among others. 

It has an intelligent paragraph tool for adjustments and to track the reading in real-time, covering up the text that has already been read.

The app and all the commented options are free, but it has a Premium version without ads and with more features from € 0.99 per item.

This PDF Highlighter Apps has the option to read and highlight your favorite books.

9. Squid

Squid PDF Editor Apps is easier and faster to take notes with a pencil than to write with a keyboard, and that is why there is more than one app to write by hand. 

Squid also allows manual writing, being able to choose the type of paper and pen color that you prefer, and the possibility of marking and highlighting PDF and files in different formats.

This is a free application for Android, although there is a paid Premium version. In addition, it is compatible with different devices that have this operating system.

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10. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe PDF reader tools is the best name in this list, and for everything that has to do with PDF, Adobe Acrobat Reader is an excellent option, which is also free. 

This app allows editing forms, signing, and also works as a PDF Highlighter Apps.

You can upload everything to the cloud! If you want even more possibilities to transform your files, in its Premium version you also have the possibility of converting these types of files to Word or Excel documents, and even edit the texts. You can also install this application on your PC or MAC.

11. Google PDF viewer

Google PDF viewer never be left behind in this list, Google developed this application with which it is possible to view and highlight PDF on Android when you are in Google Drive,  without having to download the file.

In this app, you can copy and paste or do another type of action of the same nature with the phrase (or phrases) in question. An interesting option to read documents that you have saved in the cloud.

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In Conclusion:

With these applications, you can now work from your mobile or tablet those PDFs that come to you by email.

Enjoy the facilities offered by these tools to highlight, underline, modify, mark, and annotate in this format. By the way ... do you know any other that you recommend us?