12 Google Alternatives: Best Search Engines To Use In 2020

Here in this article, you know the best Google alternative search engines. The list of Google alternative search engines was updated in Aug 2020.

12 Google Alternatives: Best Search Engines To Use In 2020

Many of us have Google as an Internet search engine, and we trust it to a large extent. We can almost swear that it is the only search engine in the world, but it is not. 

There are many alternatives to the California giant, much more precise, and with better characteristics. 

You may be wondering why to opt for other Internet search engines, but there are plenty of reasons.

Google uses access to our detailed information to provide us with those intuitive searches, and even advertisements. 

Thanks to its algorithm, this is possible, but this also becomes its commercial strategy, even mediating our searches. 

Many times it has happened to you that you are looking for something in particular, and the first websites hardly contain the key phrase.

Privacy is something that users of this search engine do not know. And after the great scandal about the sale of confidential user information by Facebook, many are now suspicious of Google. 

To avoid this, we leave you a great list of the best alternative Internet search engines.

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Top 12 Search Engine Alternatives To Google (2020)

  1. Duck Duck Go
  2. Yandex
  3. Bing
  4. SwissCows
  5. Yahoo Search
  6. Startpage
  7. Ask
  8. Dogpile
  9. Yippy
  10. AOL
  11. Qwant
  12. Searx

1. Duck Duck Go

We started with one of the only Internet search engines in Spanish and that focuses on Google's greatest weakness, privacy. 

It is even their motto, as they do not store information about you or your preferences, and they also suggest adding an AdBlock. 

It's fast, visually very nice, and it's pretty moderate on ads.

It has its filters for search, such as the date of the information, search mode (Parental mode). 

It also has a search region filter, so we understand that it even respects the location. It splits your searches into images, news, web, and video, so you narrow it down. 

It is also quite precise in its search since the first websites are those with a literal title.

2. Yandex

The equivalent of Google and Baidu, but in Russia and its related countries. Yandex receives about 53% of searches in the region and is also present in countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and other nearby countries. 

It handles around 150 million searches daily, inside and outside these regions.

It works very well with languages ​​such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, and many more. It may happen that, in a search, results appear in languages ​​other than the written phrase, but it is not something to worry about. 

Also, when changing from one filter to another it can also happen that the language changes to the original (Russian), and that includes the results. 

For the rest, if you are looking for another view on world news and information, Yandex will be a very good solution.

3. Bing

It is considered the direct competition of Google, not only for being the second most used web search engine, as it is Microsoft's highest bet in this area.

Being the opposite pole of Google, it is synchronized with an Outlook email and grants personalized accesses. 

Just like Google, it is another of the Internet search engines in Spanish, only its interface is a little more intuitive.

In many respects, it beats any search engine, but users give 5 stars to its image presentation. 

This high appreciation is because it reduces the number of clicks you have to give to see an image. 

It offers preferences as specific as image dimensions, and just hovering over an image enlarges its size. 

Another 5-star advantage is that it is integrated into the Office package (PowerPoint, Word, One Note, Excel, One Drive), and can be used online without downloading.

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4. SwissCows

Direct from Switzerland we have this web browser, whose purpose is to provide safe, private, and family-friendly searches.

By this, we mean that you cannot search for +18 content through this search engine.

In appearance or design, Swisscow is very well made and stands out very well from its competition.

On the home page, it offers us the most searched words, the option to choose the region, and conventional filters.

Here we do not have to worry about our data since it does not use the location or save searches.

This search engine uses advertising to maintain itself, something insignificant since they moderate its presence a lot.

5. Yahoo Search

Many of us know Yahoo from the famous Yahoo Answers, but it has gone further. The Yahoo search engine has been with us for some time. 

Although it barely handles 3% of the world market, it has good advantages such as a fast and intuitive platform.

To everyone's curiosity, this platform is supported by Bing. In fact, there is an agreement on both sides to show searches from both engines. 

Unlike other search engines, if you have access to the information of each user, but your handling of it is moderated by much more than Google. 

Yahoo incorporates facilities like Yahoo Answers, Flickr, and Yahoo Finance as a key to the search engine. 

It also integrates services like Yahoo Local and Yahoo Weather.

6. Startpage

Some know it as IxQuick or knew it that way. It is one of the Internet search engines that has taken advantage of the biggest weakness of the giant Google.

Once again we refer to privacy, and it is that they take what they preach very seriously, to the point of saving cookies in "anonymous". 
 Even if you don't want to save cookies, it gives you the possibility to do so, in the settings.

The platform is simple, very pleasing to the eye, and has similarities with Google due to its search interface. 

The search engine works with approximately 20 languages, is fast in its searches, and qualifies a link according to the searches in other engines.

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7. Ask

It started as a question and answer community among its users, even in anonymous mode. Today it expanded and is in the competition of web search engines. 

It has a fairly simple design that allows you to quickly load searches.

At first, it used its own algorithm, but over time I get more out of it by relying on the algorithm of other Internet search engines. 

Although it is a very good search engine, its reputation is not such thanks to its browser bar and multiple cases of spam. 

For this situation, it is better to avoid installing the bar in your browser and use this search engine occasionally.

8. Dogpile

Aesthetically the most striking, and if you love dogs it will be your favorite search engine. 

Dogpile is one of the best search engines on the Internet, one of the few that asks your permission to save your previous searches. 

It is available for smartphones, and you can download it in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

As an application, it weighs very little, so it will not saturate the RAM in an absurd way. 

As a search engine from the computer, it loads fast and has a certain precision in its searches. 

Unlike the star finder; clicking on the Dogpile search opens it in another tab. It does have some ads, but it's worth it for its speed and how specific its results are.

9. Yippy

Some consider it a '' Deep Web '' search engine because it uses different search engines for its results. 

It's a bit like a multi-search engine comparison list, with some nice features. Yippy works in what other search engines do not, it finds websites and links of classified or censored content.

Its interface works quickly and offers you topics related to your search, as well as blocking unwanted websites. 

Its notable disadvantage is that it does not offer the source data, it has advertisements and the filter process cannot be modified.

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10. AOL

Locating its headquarters in New York, this web search engine has been officially known as America Online since 1991. 

It has several filters to improve the search, as well as a "safe mode" or Safe Search. It gives you the ability to create an email within AOL, in order to access other features.

As a search engine, both in its design and in the algorithm; it looks a lot like everyone's favorite Google. 

For the news filter, AOL places the date of the sources, but outside of this, it does not place the dates.

Its intuitive support is an interesting advantage over other Internet search engines in Spanish, even more for its speed.

11. Qwant

It is a search engine created in France, with a view to the privacy of your data and location. 

Qwant has filters similar to the competition and at the same time unique since it allows you to filter the search by social networks.

Its algorithm is similar to Google, but it does not order the pages by the same positioning means. 

It guarantees that your searches are precisely what you are looking for, avoiding falling into '' bait '' pages and an infinity of unnecessary ads. 

It is available for Android, IOS and its interface on mobiles and computers is identical, with a very well designed aesthetic.

12. Searx

It is a meta-search engine whose purpose is to offer you the best results, with the maximum possible privacy. 

Searx survives this great competition on donations, so there will be little or no publicity here. 

Its search filters are more varied, not so specific, and its design is simple.

The interface is not so intuitive, partly because it does not store or obtain your data, neither location nor preferences. 

So when doing a search you will have to choose the language or region of the search. Advantageously, your results are more accurate and better ordered.

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In Conclusion...

All of these search engines were tested to ensure that they work and how they work.

So we leave you 12 options to get better searches, more specific or with less advertising. 

Many of our options are held in the privacy that you deserve so much. If you know of any other search engine that you consider excellent, leave us your comment.