15 best Facebook Messenger tips, tricks and secrets

Here are the 15 best Facebook messenger tips, tricks, and secrets you may not know. Updated the List of Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

15 best Facebook Messenger tips, tricks and secrets

This is a top article with the best Facebook Messenger tips and tricks to get the most out of Facebook Messenger. 

They are tips to customize the application, configure notifications, and even have fun with some hidden games on Facebook Messenger.

Over time I will update and add more tips and tricks so you don't miss out on the new features and functions of this application.

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Here are the Tips and Tricks for Facebook Messenger

15. Secret Chat 

With any of your contacts, you can have a secret chat where the two chats are encrypted and you can also send messages with auto-destruction time (seconds) after being read.

  • Press the pencil "icon" to start a new conversation.
  • Press the lock icon and select one of your contacts to start the secret chat. 

14. Data Saving 

Messenger is one of the applications that consume the most data on our mobiles, so activating this function will save you a few data since it does not download the images and videos until you click.

  • Click on your profile photo - Data saving - Activate the function. 

13. Hide status 

Messenger activates other contacts when you are active but if for some reason you don't want to talk to anyone, you can deactivate it to prevent them from talking to you.

  • Click on your profile picture - Click on "Active status" - Deactivate this function. 

Note: By activating this feature, you won't be able to know when your friends are active or have been recent.

12. Delete messages from both in a chat 

A function copied from WhatsApp that allows you to delete messages from both your chat with that of the other person.

  • Long press on the message you want to delete.
  • Select "delete for all" - Confirm. 

11. Hide stories in Messenger 

Prevent your stories from being visible to any Facebook user. Press the profile icons (in the upper right) and then tap on "History". 

Click on "Custom" and then on the "change" button. Choose who can see your stories and by pressing the back button and then " to accept".

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10. Floating window video calls 

When you are making the video call, click on the message icon that appears on the upper left side.

This way you can stay in the video call while chatting or even using other applications.


It will be a group just like the ones we see on WhatsApp. Once created, each user can send and receive messages and any content they want.

  • In the Messenger chat, click on the "Pencil" icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click on create a new group - Select the contacts - Click on next.
  • Give it a name and click on create. 

8. Log out of Facebook Messenger 

Clear your Facebook application data in Android Mobile Settings and in this way you can log out of Messenger

  • Enter your mobile settings - Click on applications - search for "Messenger" and click on its name - Click on Storage.
  • Click on "Delete Data" or "Storage Manager" - OK. 

7. Change Color and Emoji on Facebook Messenger 

Touch the profile photo of your contact - Then click on "emoji" - Change the emoji for the one you want, as well as the color of the chat that will only be personalized with that contact.

6. Mute Notifications in any conversation 

Long press any conversation and tap on the bell icon - Then select the silence time.

5. Quick access to delete, archive, or block

If you want to delete the conversation of contact quickly, you just have to swipe the conversation to the left: Press the delete icon or more to archive block quickly.

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4. Add another Facebook Messenger account 

Facebook Messenger allows you to add as many accounts as you want just by adding an email or phone number. It will be useful when you don't want to log out.

  • Tap on your profile picture to go to settings.
  • Click on "Change account" - Add an account or Create a new one without the need for Facebook. 

3. Play Basketball and +50 Games with your contacts

Play Basketball: This is another secret game that Facebook added and that to activate it you only need to open a conversation - find the Emoji of the basketball ball and send it. Then click on the ball sent and start playing.

Other games: Press the 4-dot icon - Press games - Select the game you want to play with your friend.

2. Create Shared Reminders 

Create shared reminders by setting the date, time, and name of the reminder. It is ideal when a friend asks you to remember something or when they have an event where they are involved. 

When the time comes, you will both receive a message automatically, as if it were a text message.

  • Click on the 4 dots icon.
  • Tap on reminders.
  • Give it a name and date and click on "Create reminder". 

1. Create Nicknames in Messenger 

It is possible to set a nickname to personalize the messages that arrive. For example, change the proper name to My Love, Best Friend, Brother, etc. 

This is because the contacts are fed by Facebook and not your contacts saved on the mobile.

  • Tap on the name of the person you are chatting with.
  • Click on Nicknames - Define Nicknames - Change the name.