Best Soccer Apps - News, Scores and Games

Here are the top 10 best soccer apps (news, scores and games), specially designed for those who enjoy each soccer game and each event.

Best Soccer Apps - News, Scores and Games

What are the best soccer apps? How to watch the matches live? How to see the latest news?

Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the world, and we really love it. However, to watch some games it is necessary to pay for a certain channel or go out to watch it at the bar. 

If you want to enjoy it from home, pay attention, because in this article we collect the best soccer apps online for free!

It is a sport that brings together a large number of fans, who want to be constantly immersed in the world of football, and who want to have the best information at their fingertips.

Here we present the best soccer apps, specially designed for those who enjoy each game and each event, always bringing out the fan in them.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have the best content, videos, information, statistics, and interviews from the world of soccer within the reach of one click.

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The 10 Best Soccer Apps are

  2. DIRECTV Sports
  3. Onefootball
  4. ESPN
  5. Skores
  6. Ustream
  7. Forza Soccer
  8. FotMob
  9. LiveScore
  10. Official FIFA App


FIFA or EA Sports already denotes the best quality. Specifically, the FIFA 21 app is available on Android and iOS has more than ten thousand users playing, 30 real leagues (the Spanish, the English, the German…), stadiums, and 500 licensed teams.

In this case, you are not just the player, but you manage your team. So get ready to buy, sell, trade, and decide your squad to get to be number one.

2. DIRECTV Sports

Surely you already know all the benefits that DIRECTV offers in terms of a television company.

However, its mobile application offers multiple options so that from your cell phone you have the best entertainment.

Once you are an active client of this system, you only need to access the app from your device, having the best sports channels at your fingertips.

It allows you to watch the matches online, as well as those that you have missed during the week.

All this with a high-quality image and sound and without the annoying interruptions typical of other apps and sites to watch soccer games online.

3. Onefootball

This is basically an app to keep you informed about the best soccer news since it offers multiple options to its users.

These include access to live scores, as well as results of each match, transfers, and relevant information on your favorite teams.

It also brings content related to different leagues from all countries, and access to specific team pages, so you can review the profiles of the different players and their statistics.

You will have customizable automatic notifications on your cell phone, every time something relevant happens in the football world.

Well, you can read numerous publications in soccer newspapers published daily, with videos and interviews.

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ESPN is one of the main options when it comes to watching sports since it is precisely one of the best channels that offer this content, it is number one when it comes to sporting events.

You will need to be a user of this television network, with a paid contract in Latin America to be able to access the functions that ESPN offers you.

Once you download the application, you have the possibility not only to watch soccer games but also to enjoy sports programs of all kinds that will help you get the most out of the experience of watching television on your phone.

It is the best alternative if you want to watch soccer from a completely safe, reliable, and quality platform.

5. Skores

It is available on the App Store and on Google Play.  It offers calendar and results of all the matches based on the user's local time, instant access to the latest news of the great sporting event. 

This soccer app gives information about everything that interests you, live goals with alerts, results of matches from almost any league, news, standings, season schedule, live commentary, and stats.

This app is available on android.

6. Ustream

This app cannot be missing from any respected soccer phone, because thanks to its multiple functions, its users have access to the best matches of many football leagues.

With a platform very similar to YouTube, this app offers a very intuitive interface, simple to use, and that will probably be easy for you to use.

One of its best benefits is that you do not have to pay or register to enjoy any game, thus saving you from cumbersome processes when sitting down to enjoy the goals.

Watching the games online is really simple, you just enter the application, scroll to the left side of the screen and choose the category you prefer, make sure they are broadcasting live and that's it.

All this while enjoying the great quality that Ustream offers you.

7. Forza Soccer

Another popular tool to keep up with the world of soccer is Forza Soccer, an app that shows the live results of the best matches.

It includes very interesting options, such as the possibility of receiving automatic notifications of the games you are following or of your favorite teams.

You will also have access to opinion polls and the most important videos of the day.

It is not just an application, but a whole community in which millions of users interact and are united by the passion that soccer unleashes.

You can configure alerts for news in the leagues that you like the most and not to miss anything from your favorite teams.

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8. FotMob

It offers news and information on a large number of international leagues, from different countries and different continents.

By downloading it to your cell phone, you will be able to access the live results, receive alerts, and have the most relevant statistics of each game at hand.

You will have information regarding lineups, goals, cards, changes, classifications, tournaments, and team news.

Some of the clubs you will have access to are Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, and FC Bayern München.

9. LiveScore

LiveScore is one of the most downloaded and complete sports applications. It is a score tracker for soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, and cricket, and its coverage is comprehensive. 

Almost all semi-professional leagues are included, from top-class European football leagues in Africa, Asia, and beyond.

For that reason, it is the best place to follow small town clubs or international matches that may not register in other applications. 

While it lacks some notification settings and rounds of rumors and news have seen elsewhere, it's a great resource, even more so if you're following one of the other sports covered by LiveScore.

10. Official FIFA App

International Federation of Association Football is the main organizer of the international events of the beautiful game, every football lover should have it installed on their phone. It also has a good rating on Google Play.

The FIFA app also keeps users informed, live, on soccer scores from around the world, as well as news, interviews, and articles.

It is worth highlighting, again, its exclusive videos, as well as those that collect the best plays.

In short, this app is essential for lovers of international soccer always, and not only in tournaments such as the World Cup.

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To close...

These are some of the best soccer apps, with them you can watch the games live or on re-broadcast and real-time scores.

Have access to the best data and statistics, as well as information related to the players of your favorite teams.

If you know any best soccer apps, do not hesitate to tell us to add it. Share these websites with your friends and don't miss any other game!

Go ahead and download and unleash your passion for soccer.

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