Best small phones in 2020

Today we have listed down the best small phones in 2020. If you're looking for a small, cheap, and unlocked smartphone this blog is for you.

Best small phones in 2020

If you are looking for a small mobile, but at the same time powerful, cheap, or with some special feature, in this list, we show you the best quality small and small mobile phones From the market.

When we make our guides, we think about the end-user, what they are looking for and the best we can recommend. 

When we started writing this list, we clearly knew that we could not just rely on the size of the computer screen, but on its final size for all the reasons we mentioned at the beginning.

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How we choose Small Phones

When choosing a small smartphone you have several options in all price ranges, but how do you define a small mobile?

A few times ago the best way to do it was with the size of the screen. However, due to the reduced size of the edges, it is not a good metric to consider. 

In this guide, we have focused especially on the size of the equipment and not just on the size of its screen. 

All of the ones we will recommend having screens smaller than 6 inches and height smaller than 148mm. 

This may change over time, but right now, it is one of our metrics when choosing the phones that we recommend.

This is usually the size in which it becomes too large for most users, and also the one that different brands are using to characterize their small phones. 

But remember that this is the maximum value, and in our list, you will find small mobiles that will not reach that value.

Here are The 10 Best Small Phones

  1. Pixel 4a
  2. Galaxy S10e
  3. iPhone SE (2020)
  4. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
  5. Samsung Galaxy A40
  6. Pixel 4 
  7. Samsung Galaxy A01 Core 
  8. Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact
  9. Nokia 6.1 Plus
  10. iPhone XS 

1. Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a is the "Lite" version of the Pixel 4 that came out last year, but unlike the Pixel 3a, in this case, we have a team with better hardware, although just as small. 

It continues to excel in its cameras and in the optimization of the system, but its battery and performance are lower than other mobiles that you can find for this price. 

Even so, if you are looking for a compact device with an excellent camera, this is the best for 412 USD.

2. Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e is the Korean brand's response to the launch of the iPhone XR. This device shares many of the specifications of its bigger brothers, but in more colors and with a compact size. 

Thanks to the reduced edges, you won't notice that you are using a smartphone with a 5.8-inch screen, which is great.

It is powerful, small, and very complete. If you need the audio jack and also a microSD cardholder, this terminal is a better option than the Pixel that we showed you previously.

Plus, it's cheaper too, so for most, it would be the best option.

3. iPhone SE (2020)

The 2020 iPhone SE is the brand's smallest iPhone. It's basically an iPhone 8 with a better camera, a better processor, and no 3D Touch on the screen. For everything else, it is the same device basically.

This does not mean that it is not worth it, since the change of the processor is one of the most important factors in a mobile of the brand, since they determine its power and also longevity in terms of firmware updates. 

In addition to this, beware that they have launched it for 471 USD, a very competitive price for today.

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4. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

The Mi 9 SE is the smallest version of the Mi 9, one of the best small smartphones of the brand. This mid-range device has a large screen, but a compact size of 147.5 x 70.5 x 7.5 mm. 

It is a fairly complete terminal with an AMOLED panel, a recent processor, and still a triple camera.

One of the reasons why you don't see it much is because of its older brothers, the Mi 9 Lite and Mi 9T, which have better performance but are also bigger. 

Taking into account all the small mid-range mobiles for 353 USD, this is undoubtedly the best today.

5. Samsung Galaxy A40

Don't be put off by its 5.9-inch screen, as it's actually only 144.3 x 69.1 x 7.9mm in size, making it as small as many 5-inch smartphones from previous generations. 

This particular model has the house's processor, an AMOLED panel, and even a triple rear camera.

I can tell you from now on, that it is not the most powerful mobile you will find for less than 235 USD. 

There are other options, like the Redmi Note 8 or the Realme 5 Pro, but both are slightly larger so they cannot be on our list. 

Even so, the A40 is a fairly complete and interesting terminal for this price.

6. Pixel 4 

It is the best compact Android mobile that you can buy right now in terms of its power.

The main difference with the Samsung Galaxy S10e is in its 90Hz screen, as well as its rear camera and the radar sensor that will allow you to interact with the mobile without touching it, but also unlock it much more quickly. 

It has fast and wireless charging, so I recommend buying a wireless charging stand for work and car.

The size of this Best small phone is 147.1 x 68.8 x 8.2 mm.

7. Samsung Galaxy A01 Core 

This is a fairly inexpensive option for a small mobile for less than 118 USD.

Although we tell you that you should not expect very high performance, since it is actually a low-end phone with just 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, so it runs Android 10, in the GO Edition version. 

It is actually very basic equipment, but that you can carry as a second mobile, since it allows you to stay connected, but it does not take up much space in your pocket. 

Size of this Best small phone is 141.7 x 67.5 x 8.6 mm.

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8. Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

Sony isn't what it used to be, but at least it still gives us some top-of-the-line compact alternatives when no other brand does. 
This particular model integrates the Snapdragon 845, 4 GB of RAM, and a 64GB storage that can be expanded with microSD cards. 
As if that weren't enough, it has IP68 resistance. It is true that its design is not the most innovative, and that it does not have an audio jack, but it is a compact 5-inch smartphone, something that we do not usually see in many brands.
The size of this small phone is 135 x 65 x 12.1mm.

9. Nokia 6.1 Plus

It is the second version of the Nokia 6 that HDM Global has launched this year.

The first model had some interesting features, but its design was somewhat dated. 

We like its performance, modern design, and extremely competitive price here. It is an excellent alternative to the Redmi Note 5.

The size of this small phone is 147.2 x 71 x 8 mm.

10. iPhone XS 

They are not the smallest smartphones, but as you can see in the graph that I showed you at the beginning, the iPhone X is just 5 mm taller than the iPhone 8, and since it measures less than 148 mm in a stop, we think it's worth mentioning. 

It is a team that you will choose if you like iOS and its ecosystem. It is not the best mobile in any specific area, but it is quite efficient and balanced in all sections.

Size of phone is 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm.

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In Conclusion...

We hope you liked this list, but more importantly, that it has helped you to make the best purchase.

We will update it frequently, but remember that if you have any questions or need a second opinion, you can leave us a comment.

Feel free to bookmark this page for more updates.