The smartest strategy you can employ right now to work toward your goals is making some extra income. You can make some extra money, even when you are in a tight situation.


Are you trying to be more aggressive about paying your way out of debt this year?

Would you like to pay off loans, and perhaps save up for a vacation or a down payment?!

The smartest strategy you can employ right now to work toward your goals is making some extra income.

Thanks to the convenient amenities afforded to us nowadays by the internet, the proverbial world is at your fingertips.

Making money does not have to be a constant and unending struggle.

Providing you know exactly how to access the vast potential of opportunities available online, you can make some extra money, even when you are in a tight situation.
Taking on various side hustles, instead of a single job, is becoming much more rampant. 

Besides granting you the liberty to work on your own time and terms, you also have the freedom to pursue personal ambitions.

Most of the side hustles we’ve highlighted here are entrepreneurial ventures and can also serve as full-time jobs.

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Here are 9 the Best Side Hustle Jobs

  1. Ridesharing
  2. Food delivery
  3. Rent Your House
  4. Rent Your Car
  5. Pet Sitting & Walking
  6. Becoming a Blogger/Vlogger or an Influencer
  7. Dropshipping
  8. Photography
  9. Freelancing Services

1. Ridesharing:

It comes as no surprise that Ridesharing is becoming increasingly popular as a side hustle, given the freedom and benefits it offers.

There are also ridesharing apps that make the job of transporting people from one point to another easier, effectively allowing you to become their personal taxi or private means of transportation.
Uber and Lyft are two of the trendiest ridesharing apps available out there.

You can explore their official websites for ways to partner with their system.

The transport service is an essential one, and although the earnings may not be enough to pay for all your bills - except you put in extra hours - it will fetch you a reasonable amount of extra cash.

2. Food Delivery:

Food delivery is the perfect side gig for people looking to attain financial freedom so they can pursue their own goals without relying on a regular job to survive.

This could also be another great opportunity for people who own slightly older cars, that don’t meet the basic requirements of the aforementioned Ridesharing gig.
In fact, you may not even require a car, since you can also provide this service on a scooter, bicycle, or motorcycle, depending on specific requirements.

Everything can be done with an app and there are educational courses for each service to help you get started.

3. Rent Your House:

Are you a homeowner looking out for legitimate ways to earn some extra funds on the side?

Homes are in high demand these days and can help you make some big money. 

Because shelter is a necessity, lots of folks are ready to pay good prices for a decent place to stay.

The best part is that you can even rent out single rooms from your home, so you won’t have to sleep somewhere else while leasing your home to generate income for you.

But you must keep the place well-organized, and ensure that acceptable living conditions are maintained within the environment.

4. Rent Your Car:

If your automobile is anything like mine that sits idle a lot, then there may be a sizable amount of extra cash in your driveway.

One of the reasons why renting your car can turn out to be the perfect side gig is because you really don’t have to make any efforts before cashing in. 

It’s a great way to earn passive income.

However, you must be prepared to allow other individuals to make use of your car.

There are also car rental apps such as Getaround and Turo that facilitate partnerships between renters and car owners.

5. Pet Sitting & Walking:

The pet-care industry is currently worth billions of dollars and those who regard Pet Sitting & Walking as a side gig must be unaware of its huge money-making potential.

Our furry friends are awesome companions, but they also come with lots of responsibilities. 

They need loads of love, care, attention, as well as your time and money. 

Because extremely busy people don’t always have time for their pets, they employ Pet Sitters & Walkers to help their animals stay contented.
Also, if you happen to be a pet lover, taking care of them is most likely something you’ll enjoy getting paid for doing.

6. Becoming a Blogger/Vlogger or an Influencer:

Content Creation ranks among the best professional hobbies and side gigs out there.

However, earning money through this means is rarely a quick and easy process.

To begin with, you can’t create blogs or YouTube videos and expect to start making money immediately – except you are working under a content creation firm. 

Earning income from blogs or posting videos online is a game of numbers. 

You have to attain a high number of views, subscribers, and followers, which will take time and require constant delivery of quality content.

7. Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is already widely considered as the perfect side gig mainly because it is a form of e-commerce that involves minimal effort.

It is also another great way to grow your online store, except that all the expenses and hard work involved are borne by an intermediary.

When a customer purchases any product at an online store, the drop shipper then buys it through a third party, which will then deliver the goods to the customer.

A drop shipper basically manages the storefront services such as marketing, customer service, and social media presence.

8. Photography:

Would you like to make money from taking pictures? Awesome, me too!

Photography is yet another lucrative side gig but becoming a proficient photographer is not as straightforward as it looks.

There’s a lot to be learned along with techniques to practice. 

But once you've mastered the art, this hobby can quickly turn into a money-making side venture.

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9. Freelancing Services:

There is a wide range of services you can get paid for doing on freelancer websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. 

These platforms function as intermediaries between freelancers and their clients to ensure that proper workplace guidelines are followed as well as to facilitate secure payments.
Examples of specialized services offered in such domains include content writing, proof-reading & editing, graphics design, coding, and many more.

The Takeaway

If you read this post from start to finish you should already have ideas on how to tap into steady cash flow.

You would do well to bookmark this page for more updates on trending side gigs for 2020 and beyond.