10 Best Car Racing Games For Android & iOS (2021)

Here is the list of best car racing games for kids & toddlers. Best Racer car games that you should try on Android & iOS.

10 Best Car Racing Games For Android & iOS (2021)

Car racing games are rated among the trendiest mobile gaming genres.

The experiences and feelings that are often derived from car racing games are almost incomparable with any other thing.

Driving games were actually the first gaming genre to overcome the challenge presented by the absence of physical push buttons on smartphones.

And they thrived so well that most of these games became popular and well worth playing by people of all ages.

Perhaps you’ve got a toddler who wants to be a car racer; there are now car racing games for kids to help them launch their driving ambitions.

And although most of the popular free driving games for toddlers can already boast millions of users, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best.

How do you know which Top Racing Games you should try out?

With the abundance of options to select from, we have made a curated selection of the best driving games for toddlers you can download online.

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find an exceptional game that's perfect for you. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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Here Are The List Of 10 Best Car Racing Games For Kids

  1. Kids Monster Truck
  2. Kids Racing - Fun Race Car Game For Boys & Girls
  3. Kids Car Racers
  4. Super Kids Car Racing In Traffic
  5. Kids Racing Islands, Race For Kids
  6. Kids Car Racing Game – Beepzz
  7. Kids Cars Hill Racing Games - Toddler Driving
  8. Hot Wheels - Race Off
  9. Speed Racing Game For Kids
  10. Monster Trucks For Kids

1. Kids Monster Truck

Kids Monster Truck is one of the Best Racing Games for Kids as a character called Hippo.

This game is adapted especially for younger-aged children.

While playing this car racing game, you will discover loads of electrifying off-road trails, with a wide variety of barriers and challenges that smart kids will be pleased to overcome.

Players can blow up and wipe out the cars of other players along with every other obstacle in their path.

You can even earn more reward points by causing more damage.

You’ll be driving a Monster Truck made for kids through 10 different levels with some very explosive tracks and lots of vehicles to destroy.

This app also allows you to select your preferred driving music.

Your kids will enjoy the attractive and colourful graphics along with the realistic physics of the gameplay.

Download: Kids Monster Truck

2. Kids Racing - Fun Race Car Game For Boys & Girls

Rev your race car engine and take action by tapping your smartphone screen to switch lanes while racing your car through treacherous trails.

Your mission here is to drive very fast without hitting any of your rivals.

This is one of our recommended car racing games for kids that allows players to collect stars and upgrade their garage while avoiding the road pylons.

This car driving game for children features easy levels for kids as well as more challenging levels for teenagers and adults. All these awesome features are completely free!

This car racing game for children is quite safe and easy to play.

It’s a fun game for toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of 2 - 6 years old.

There is a Hard to master mode designed to be more challenging for kids, teenagers, and adults between the ages of 7 - 99 years old.

Download: Kids Racing- Fun Race Car Game

3. Kids Car Racers

Are you looking to install one of the best car racing games for kids developed to improve their off-road driving abilities?

The free Kids Car Racers game is suitable for children who are aged 18 months and above thanks to the straightforward and insightful controls explicitly designed for kids.

Still, older kids can also get in on the thrilling action this game provides by running enemy vehicles off the track while they also boost their score for each lap.

On the whole, race car lovers of all ages already love playing this car driving game.

Download: Kids Car Racer

4. Super Kids Car Racing In Traffic

Introducing one of the finest free car racing games for kids that pits players against each other in a race against time.

This action-packed racing game was developed explicitly for children to help them develop their reflexes and fine-tune their motor skills.

Are you prepared to race amongst traffic while driving astonishing and beautiful race cars?

Select your hero vehicle and enhance its features by spending the gold you won from races to purchase items and then proceed to more challenging levels.

You mustn’t forget to boost your vehicle’s engine and acceleration.

Moreover, you can accumulate Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) during races and attain super lightning speed immediately so you can win your races.

Some caution, however; racing in traffic is extremely tricky. Be careful as things tend to get more difficult the higher you advance.

Download: Super Kids Car Racing In Traffic

5. Kids Racing Islands, Race For Kids

You are about to download Kids Racing Islands. This kart game comes with all the actual racing game effects, along with a very user-friendly interface.

You can even use your mobile device for steering controls.

The game’s aesthetics looks a lot like what you’d expect from a child’s toy and the music also generates a fun atmosphere.

Your child can earn coins while they play for car improvements like the engine and vehicle body parts, so they can arrive at the finish in record time.

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Pick any car and display your expertise at the wheel while testing your reflexes.

Prove to other players that you can drive better than them. Defeat your pals and prove that you are the top driver.

With this 3D Racecar Simulator, you have one of the finest car racing games for kids with real car engine & crash sounds, as well as tire smoke & skid marks.

Moreover, smart kids can appreciate the applied dynamic physics in real-time.

The Kids Racing Islands app is undoubtedly one of the top kid car race games for this year and beyond.

Download: Kids Racing Islands

6. Kids Car Racing Game – Beepzz

Your child can buckle up and enjoy an exhilarating ride with the Beepzz rally cars game.

This is one of the top car racing games for kids on our list that lets your kids pick their preferred car and confront the challenge of tricky downhill and uphill environments.

The Beepzz software will take your child on a memorable journey through entire cities, deserts, farms, snowy hills, rocky mountains, savannah forests, the jungle, and holiday beaches.

Your child can also learn different skills while they play.

This imaginative arcade car racing game will enhance your kid’s working memory and problem-solving skills, and also improve their confidence.

Most importantly, they will have loads of fun.

So be prepared to have your little one become addicted to one of the most entertaining racing car games for kids that are based on physics and easy to play.

Download: Kids Car Racing Game- Beepzz

7. Kids Cars Hill Racing Games - Toddler Driving

You’re about to experience a game that is explicitly developed for your child’s learning by improving their problem-solving and educational skills.

This is one of our recommended car driving games for kids that can help develop their overall memory.

Use the creativity of this arcade driving game to boost your kid’s confidence.

This top addictive racing game is for children below 12 years old.

While playing the game, children’s cars are driving over hill and then they also go downhill in a straightforward and smooth manner.

There is also a free and fun racing mode.

This free children’s racing game was made for young kids and toddlers.

Download: Kids Car Hill Racing Games

8. Hot Wheels - Race Off

This is an awesome kid's game that brings alive everything people love about car racing.

You can race over 25 hot wheeled vehicles across more than 50 treacherous racing tracks.

Players can also blast off with boosters, make loops, and execute stunt jumps on the Hot Wheels iconic orange track.

This is one of the best driving games for toddlers where you can improve and build your private Hot Wheels car collection.

Players can challenge their friends and the rest of the world in a highly competitive mode for multiplayer.

Download: Hot Wheels- Race Off

9. Speed Racing Game For Kids

You are about to download one of the best racing car games for kids. Lots of users are already excited about this all-new racecar driving competition.

Simply pick your preferred animal toy vehicle, select your favorite theme, and then place your finger on top of the acceleration pedal button.

Players can roll & flip along the way, and apply the brakes quickly before they hit obstacles while having lots of fun.

The goal here is to reach the finish line and be rewarded with stars. 

Download: Speed Racing Game For Kids

10. Monster Trucks For Kids

Your story here starts on the Puppy patrol with extreme racing inside monster trucks!

This dynamic car simulator game was explicitly developed for boys.

Your child can appreciate realistic physics effects, energetic rallies, and extreme levels of fun as the driver of an enormous 4x4 vehicle.

Select your favorite truck and begin your journey. Loads of fun and commanding energy are guaranteed!

Download: Monster Trucks For Kids

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In Conclusion...

That’s it for our curated selection of top kid car race games for you to try out.

Feel free to grant your kid access to any of these top-quality games as they are both fun and educational.