17 Best Podcast Apps for Android & iOS

Here you can discover the 17 best podcast apps to listen to your favorite shows on your iPhone, Android, or browsers and desktop versions.

 17 Best Podcast Apps for Android & iOS

It is important to choose well among the various apps to listen to podcasts, including Tecnocast, of course. There are a multitude of them, between free and paid, for iOS (iPhone), Android, browsers, and desktop versions, with more or less exclusive features.

We have listed 17 apps here, among the most popular, so you always have options.

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17 Podcast apps for listening music on your phone

1. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast apps and is available for both Android and iOS.

It allows you to search for podcasts, episodes and to include attractions via the feed link. It is compatible with Apple Watch, Wear OS, and Chromecast.

With a personal account, synchronize your history between all versions. It also allows downloading to listen offline. Pocket Casts charges is14.90 USD for iPhone, 14.99 USD for Android, and 28 USD for the browser.

You can download this app from Google play store and App store.

2. WeCast

WeCast is developed by a Brazilian IT Company, WeCast ( iPhone, Android ) has a very interesting feature: it allows the user to share comments about the episodes with other listeners.

Podcasters have a separate app, which allows them to divide the programs into chapters so that the listener can know where a segment starts, or when to skip something they don't want to hear.

WeCast is free and offers in-app purchases and available on Google play store and app store.

3. Spotify

Spotify is one of the famous and best podcast apps of all in the music market.

It is available for iPhone, Android, Windows 10, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, online

Everything that applies to the musical experience is valid for the programs, but in return, it is not possible to add a podcast through the feed link, just listen to those hosted on the platform.

Spotify is free, but downloading episodes and podcasts for offline playback is only available on the Premium plan, which costs 16.90 $ per month.

4. Castbox

Castbox is one of the best podcast apps that has been gaining fame recently.

It is available for both Android and iOS.

Developed by a former Google employee, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn with your tastes, and in this way, suggest new programs aligned to your preferences.

The interface is very clean and allows the user to create your program easily. Castbox is free and offers in-app purchases.

5. Radio FM player

Radio FM Player is very similar to Pocket Casts, with the advantage of being free. Available for iPhone, Android, online.

It is compatible with Wear OS and Chromecast has a clean interface and has a browser version.

Thanks to the user account, it is possible to synchronize your progress between platforms. Radio Player FM is free and offers in-app purchases.

6. PodBean

PodBean ( iPhone, Android ) is a powerful platform for creating podcasts and this also appears in the app for the general public.

As a highlight, it offers easy-to-use tools for creating your own program. It also supports Chromecast and, rarely, Android Auto.

PodBean is free and offers in-app purchases and can be downloaded from Google play store and App store.

7. Deezer

Deezer ( iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, online ), Spotify's main competitor on the podcast market, has included podcasts in its collection before.

Like Spotify, it supports playback via streaming and does not allow the inclusion of new attractions via the feed link.

The user can only listen to podcasts hosted on the platform. Deezer is free, but downloading podcasts to listen offline is restricted to Premium, which costs R $ 16.90 per month.


8. Stitcher

Stitcher ( iPhone, Android, online ) is an app that is getting attraction in Brazil, but it is quite popular in the United States.

The Stitcher offer over 260,000 podcasts, from politics, true crime, sports, and comedy.

Focused on radio programs, it has a large selection of international podcasts and some Brazilians, as well as exclusive attractions.

Like Spotify and Deezer, it does not allow the inclusion of feeds and the user can only listen to hosted programs. Stitcher is free and offers in-app purchases.

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio ( iPhone, Android, Windows 10, online ), as well as Stitcher, is very focused on radio, but unlike this one, it brings a large number of Brazilian programs and live transmission from various broadcasters.

It also has large-scale national podcasts, but like some of this list, it only allows you to listen to hosted programs. TuneIn Radio is free and offers in-app purchases.

10. SoundCloud

SoundCloud podcast app is a complete platform that offers hosting and its own feed for podcasts and is very popular with content producers who are just starting out and do not have their own websites.

For listeners, it supports the inclusion of comments such as WeCast and easy organization of playlists, in addition to having a large collection of music.

SoundCloud is free and offers in-app purchases and is available for iPhone only.

11. Apple Podcasts

It may sound like cheating, but Apple Podcasts is a multiplatform app: although it is native to the iPhone and iPad, it is available for Windows through iTunes, as well as on macOS (also native).

It has a gigantic list of podcasts from around the world and allows the inclusion of a missing feed through the link.

In addition, it offers tools for podcasters to register their programs on the platform.

12. Castro

Castro is an app that is calling enough attention to the iPhone. It has a minimalist look, but powerful controls for managing multiple programs at once make it easy to create playlists and you can easily organize what to listen to and what to dispense, plus support for Apple Watch.

Castro is free and offers in-app purchases and available on Appstore only.

13. Downcast

The downcast podcast app is paid and exclusive for Apple devices, allows you to create personalized lists, and separated by criteria.

It is compatible with Apple Watch and supports synchronization between iOS and macOS, with one account.

It has an intuitive interface, similar to Pocket Casts and Player FM.

Downcast costs  $ 10.90 on the iPhone and $ 18.90 on macOS.

14. Overcast

The focus of Overcast is simplicity and quality. Developed by Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, it offers features such as voice boost, integration with Apple Watch, and a recommendation system, linked to your Twitter account.

For the rest, it is easy to use and delivers the basics without making it ugly. Overcast is free and offers in-app purchases.

15. Podcast Addict

The Podcast Addict is one of the most complete podcast apps for Android: absolutely no limited resource behind a paywall.

This podcast app was developed by a Brazilian company, it supports streaming online radio, YouTube, and Twitch channels and news feeds.

In addition to the course, bring powerful controls to manage your favorite programs.

Podcast Addict is free and has a single in-app purchase to remove ads, and available on Google Play store.

16. Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic values ​​simplicity. While highly customizable, it offers simple, straightforward controls, and allows you to easily manage your podcasts, YouTube channels, and audiobooks.

It also allows synchronization between devices, with a Dropbox account. The Podcast Republic is free and offers in-app purchases.

Podcast Republic is available on Google play store and App store also.

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17. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts has Google power behind this podcast app and although its simple, enables synchronization of your progress through your Google account.

It uses data from Google Search to identify the most popular programs and highlight them on the main screen.

It does not allow manual inclusion of feeds, but you will hardly find what you are looking for. Google Podcasts is free and you can find it on Google Play.