Best gaming chair 2021: The best PC gaming chairs

Here are the 10 lists of the Best Gaming Chairs of 2021 available in the market. The finest gaming chairs are not necessarily indicators of prestige.

Best gaming chair 2021: The best PC gaming chairs

For a few months, we have been analyzing various gaming chairs from the best brands on the market. We are talking about Noblechair, AKRacing, Drift, Aerocool, Corsair, and even IKEA.

We are not based on what others say, but on our experience, and you can see it in all the reviews we have published.

We do not recommend the best-selling chairs on Amazon like other pages we have seen, nor do they pay us to place the products on these lists.

The only benefits we receive are in affiliate commissions, which we hardly receive if you really like the product and do not return it. 

That is why it is also important for us to recommend the best possible gaming chair.

We have tested all the chairs we recommend, ALL! This is important, once we know what we are talking about and we can show it to you in all our reviews. 

Moreover, if at any time you have a question about a certain chair, you can ask us in the comments, or in the review of each product. We will be ready to help you at any time.

Depending on your height and weight, you may have to choose another model from the same brand that we recommend.

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Here are the Best Gaming Chairs of 2021

  1. Noblechair EPIC
  2. AKRacing Master Series Pro
  3. Corsair T3 RUSH
  4. Drift DR150
  5. AKRacing Core Series EX-WIDE-SE
  6. AKRacing Master MAX  
  7. ASUS ROG Chariot  
  8. DRIFT DR85 
  9. ThunderX3 DC3 
  10. Aerocool AC40C Air 

Previously, we didn't want to burden you with technical details about each of our options. However, if you want to know why we have chosen these and not others, pay attention to our explanations.

1. Noblechair EPIC: The best gaming chair

The Noblechair is our favorite chair because it is simply the most complete and with the best construction for 353 USD.

Besides that, it has so many color combinations that you can adapt it to your Setup without any problem.

Everything in this chair is quality. The base is made of aluminum and the nylon wheels with a diameter of 60mm are very smooth and run smoothly. 

We have a class 4 hydraulic lift, the best you can get for this price, and also a steel base, as well as its entire skeleton. Come on, it weighs 28Kg for something.

Most importantly, it is extremely comfortable, with a good density of foam throughout. The seat is very wide, so we've never felt cramped. 

In addition, the sides are not as vertical as other gaming chairs, which allows you to sit in different positions more easily. 

The armrests are also configurable in 3 dimensions, and if for some reason you don't want them, you can remove them.

We liked this chair a lot and that is why it is one of the best sellers. Now, it is true that it is quite expensive, and in our opinion, it should cost 62 USD less. 

But even so, after having tried it, we assure you that it is a good purchase.

2. AKRacing Master Series Pro: Premium Gaming Chair

If you have a little more money and are looking for the best of the best, this AKRacing is the best we have tried, period. 

Seriously, it has very few things to blame, the most important being that it costs more than 471 USD, a somewhat high value for many people, but it is the price to pay for such a premium product.

Excellent construction in every way, whether in the finish of the chair, if not also in the base with the wheels and the armrests. 

The density of the foam is great and at no time have we had any problems with perspiration or anything like that. 

The cushions, both the lumbar and the head, are covered by the same material as the chair, perforated synthetic leather in some parts, but in this aspect, they could still improve.

Another key aspect to consider is that AKRacing gives us a 10-year warranty on the structure of the chair and 5 on the upholstery. 

Much more than other brands, which shows that they trust their product and if you have any problems during this time, they fix it without problems.

It is an expensive chair, we know, but it is the Premium alternative to the Noblechair that we previously recommended. 

If you have the money and you like this gaming design, go ahead. It has a better base, a better density, and also a higher tilt angle. 

Now, if you are looking for something cheaper and with a more casual design, pay attention to our next recommendation.

Buy AKRacing Masters Series Pro

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3. Corsair T3 RUSH: A hybrid with casual design

This gaming chair is completely different from the previous Corsair. Although it continues to maintain a gaming design that many of us are tired of, its less striking colors and soft fabric give it a very different touch from other gaming chairs on the market.

There are many things that we love about this chair, such as the adjustable armrests that have a rubbery material on the top - although the pattern it incorporates is not our favorite. 

Another thing we like is that we can adjust the backrest up to 180 degrees, so we can rest for a moment or just imitate PewDiePie.

As for comfort, it's great. However, having a unique size, it is important to mention that this chair would not be recommended to very tall and/or heavy people. 

I am 1.72m tall and I weigh 77 kg and for me it is perfect. I have asked a friend who is 1.80m tall and weighs 89 kg to try it and he also liked it. 

The base is not made of metal, something that for this price we could already demand, but the Nylon wheels do their job very well: they are silent and move smoothly. 

It also comes with two leatherette covered cushions that you can wash if they get dirty.

In general, for 328 USD, it seems like an excellent gaming chair. It is clear that if it cost € 200 it would be even better, but taking into account the competition and everything it brings, it seems like a good buy.

4. Drift DR150: Gaming Chair with Best quality-price

Drift is a well-known brand in mid-range and low-range chairs and is currently the only one we recommend for 235 USD. 

This one, in particular, we liked a lot for different reasons: it is well built, its seat is wide and the base is made of metal, which is always a plus in terms of durability.

The fabric we have is synthetic leather, but its breathing is not as good as the Noblechair or AKRacing we showed above. 

But unless you are in Seville in the summer, without air conditioning, I don't think it will bother you much. The advantage it has is that it is very easy to clean.

It is true that it does not allow us to fully recline the backrest and the size of the base can be a little larger to improve stability, but I do not think they are problems that you will have during the day today. 

Rajneesh, who tested it thoroughly, has been using it for more than a year and it is still perfect, however, for some reason, it has lost its red color and is now orange.

For this price, the Drift DR150 is the best we could recommend. There are other cheaper options as you will see below, but in one way or another, they compromise too much in some sections, so we think it is a little better to spend a little more and buy one like this.

5. AKRacing Core Series EX-WIDE-SE  

The AKRacing EX-WIDE-SE is a chair that stays true to the brand, with excellent construction and premium comfort. 

As its name suggests, this model is WIDE, so it is recommended for people a little taller and heavier, although if you want to feel that you are in an armchair and not in a gaming chair, with this you will.

6. AKRacing Master MAX  

The AKRacing MAX is expressly designed for those who are larger than average, growing in dimensions compared to its sisters and in terms of quality and resistance in key components.

It is an exaggeratedly large chair, exaggeratedly comfortable, and clearly intended for a very specific audience that exceeds the average size and does not find accommodation in normal gaming chairs. 

Buy AKRacing Masters Series Max

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7. ASUS ROG Chariot  

This chair is one of the most beautiful and original that we have seen thanks to its RGB lighting. 

It has a good build, an adjustable armrest, an aluminum base, and various brackets. We liked it a lot, but right now it is difficult to acquire. 

8. DRIFT DR85 

It is one of the cheapest chairs we have tried, and as you can expect, not all of its components are the best. 

Its wheels do not have the best displacement and the width of the base is not the best, being uncomfortable for tall people or with more weight.

9. ThunderX3 DC3 

Although it is a bit more versatile and stable than the Drift that we recommend for 260 USD, the truth is that it is not as comfortable, perhaps due to the lack of foam padding in the seat and backrest. 

Still, it's fairly competitively priced with steel legs and a sporty design.

10. Aerocool AC40C Air 

It is one of the cheapest chairs that we analyzed and you can see that in its construction and finishes. 

The padding is not the best and in a few months it will lose its strength, in addition, its armrests are not customizable. 


On The End...

We hope you liked this guide and allow you to find the best gaming chair at the moment. If there is any that you would like us to analyze, you can leave it in the comments. 

We will continue to update the guide as we review more gaming chairs.