Top 5 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones of 2020: Bose, Sony & More

It is one of the most dynamic audio sectors at the moment. To the point where it becomes difficult to know which brand to choose. takes stock of this technology and gives you the classification of its favorite models.

Top 5 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones of 2020: Bose, Sony & More

Dominated for a long time by the American Bose, the market for noise-canceling headphones has evolved considerably over the past two to three years.

It was the first Sony that kicked the anthill to wake up the competition. With its 1000X range, the Japanese have succeeded as the versions have surpassed the master. I have followed other brands also finally able to compete.

If it took a long time, it was because it was not easy to measure oneself against the company which controls noise reduction since the end of the 80s.

Bose had first imposed its technology in aviation, to protect pilots and runway personnel from the sound of jet engines.

The principle is simple: the microphones placed outside analyze the ambient noise. Inside the headphones, the speakers then broadcast a sound with a reversed-phase, thus "canceling" any unwanted background noise.

This system is particularly effective with continuous sounds, typically those heard on an airplane or train. This explains the popularity of these helmets with frequent travelers.

But, more and more, music lovers are adopting them for their journeys in urban transport or to isolate themselves from the hubbub of an open space office.

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Now mainly Bluetooth, these devices must, therefore, provide sufficient autonomy for everyday use. It generally revolves around 8 p.m.

Another thing to know, they are often quite expensive - around 350 euros - but do not hesitate to watch out for the many regular promotions operated by online retailers.

The reductions can sometimes go up to 50 or 100 euros.

5. Bowers & Wilkins PX

Very elegant and with remarkable autonomy (24h16), the PX is a nice touch from the English brand. Even on the side of noise reduction, the manufacturer manages to farewell with an efficient system.

Unfortunately, we regret the lack of treble in its sound signature and a really too stiff comfort which prevents it from being worn for hours.

Overall Score: 7.55 / 10 | Manufacturer price: 453 United States Dollar |

4. Denon AH-GC30

It was really very little. Denon was not far from rising to a higher place in this ranking but lost on the wire because of certain details.

The sound quality is good, but slightly below its predecessors, while the application provided is not worthy of such a price level.

There remains autonomy, the only really handicapping characteristic for him (3:59 pm).

Overall Score: 7.63 / 10 | Manufacturer price: 397 United States Dollar |

3. AKG N700NC

It would have been more comfortable, the N700NC could have stolen the limelight from the market leaders. This is unfortunately not the case.

Too bad, because AKG delivers an excellent copy here, autonomy is good (21:48) and above all, its sound quality - very balanced - is by far the best in our ranking.

Overall Score: 8.68 / 10 | Manufacturer price: 396.14 United States Dollar |

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

This is the Rolls Royce of our top 5 headphones. QuietComfort 35 II is the most comfortable model on the market.

For years, the different versions of this series have never managed to be surpassed on this point.

Perfect to keep it on your head for hours without ever suffering. If we add to this a more than correct autonomy (20h14), a balanced sound, and a noise reduction system close to perfection. It becomes difficult to fight.

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Overall Score: 8.86 / 10 | Manufacturer price:328.14 United States Dollar |

1. Sony WH-1000XM3

With this third version of its 1000X, Sony has clearly succeeded. The very efficient active noise reduction rises to the level of Bose, aided, it is true, by an already excellent passive insulation.

On the sound side, the Japanese have calmed down on the bass compared to previous generations but still insist a little, reserving it rather for lovers of urban or electronic music.

But it is especially on the side of autonomy that the WH-1000XM3 excels with a performance of 27h49.

Overall Score: 8.92 / 10 | Manufacturer price: 410.29 United States Dollar |