Top 10 Best Netflix Series You Must Watch In 2021

Here is the list of 10 best Netflix series you must watch this year in 2021. Check out our list of the best shows on Netflix right now.

Top 10 Best Netflix Series You Must Watch In 2021

Have you been wondering how best to relax in your spare time?

Netflix can boast of a terrific collection of video content that you can watch right now.

But what if you’re looking to binge for more than the standard 2-hour duration that most movies can offer?

You should definitely try watching the best TV shows on Netflix!

Because the truth is, before you can even finish one season from a new TV series, another 5 must-watch shows are hitting Netflix every week.

In this post, you’ll find 10 of the best TV shows currently trending on the ‘flix.

This list is updated frequently as new TV shows come in and the old ones leave.

You can watch every single one of them and then report back for more.+

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Here is the Best Netflix Series You Must Watch In 2021

1. Stranger Things

Image Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things is an original Netflix TV show that has quickly ranked among the most-watched and buzzed-about TV dramas in progress.

Produced by the famous Duffer brothers, Stranger Things serves up superb nostalgic entertainment value for viewers born in the early ‘80s who grew up watching movies like Poltergeist and E.T.

The TV show was also created with an understanding of modern characters and relationships.

In the first 2 seasons of the TV series, the inhabitants of the fictional Hawkins town in Indiana are forced to cope with supernatural threats.

The long-anticipated 3rd season of the show is now available for streaming while a 4th season is currently in production.

2. Dracula

Image Credit: Netflix

The Dracula Netflix series was developed for TV by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

It was based on the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker.

This TV series was released and broadcast on Netflix & BBC One and it consists of just 3 episodes with each one lasting for approximately one and a half hours.

The storyline is about the return of the title character, Claes Bang, from the shadows as well as his adventure into new worlds.

Besides his story, the TV show also spotlights Dracula’s nature, vulnerabilities, and crimes in a must-watch thriller for any vampire enthusiast. 

3. The Office (US)

Image Credit: Netflix

The original UK edition of The Office TV show had many fans that were quite skeptical about the US remake being good enough.

It turns out that the American version of this ultimate workplace comedy may even be better than the first one.

The US incarnation ran longer and you’ll find all 9 seasons available on Netflix.

You’ll also be pleased to discover that characters such as Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), and the others have developed and become even more realistic.

Also not forgetting Jim Halpert (John Krasinski, and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) one of the best romantic couples on TV. 

4. Mad Men

Image Credit: Netflix

You can watch Mad Men – yet another remarkable TV series by AMC that is highly rated on Netflix.

No one expected this TV production set in the early ‘60s which revolves around an advertising agency in Manhattan to be so awesome.

It also provides an opportunity to experience how workplace culture transformed from the early ‘60s to the‘70s.

5. The Witcher

Image Credit: Netflix

This must-watch Netflix fantasy TV show is rooted in the popular books by Andrzej Sapkowski.

It has also become a popular and original TV series, and it has consistently ranked among the best TV shows currently on Netflix.

It revolves around Geralt a monster hunter from Rivia who might find it easier relating to creatures than he does with other humans.

He eventually encounters a princess with unique abilities as well as a sorceress and then proceeds on some wild adventures.

6. Russian Doll

Image Credit: Netflix

Natasha Lyonne is the creator, and lead character, of this Emmy-nominated Netflix comedy TV series which is based on a time loop premise.

The plot revolves around a lady who is constantly reliving the events that occurred on the night of her 35th birthday.

Even though the show’s idea is no longer new, it still manages to deliver loads of fun and excitement.

The second season has already been approved for production.

7. The Walking Dead

Image Credit: Netflix

This Netflix TV show is anchored in Robert Kirkman’s long-standing comic book series.

The show became a cable network blockbuster hit and still attracts new fans as its reputation grows on Netflix.

This TV series chronicles how a group of characters contend with the outcome of a zombie catastrophe.

Its storyline transcends different roots and investigates what might actually happen if civilization faced such an apocalypse.

8. Black Mirror

Image Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror is widely regarded as a spiritual successor to The Twilight Zone and it essentially portrays how modern technology can cause major problems in the future.

Charlie Brooker, the producer of this show was able to create some truly traditional TV episodes which confront our faith in artificial intelligence, social networks, and other forms of automated mass media platforms.

You’ll also be thrilled to discover a particular episode called Bandersnatch, which offers viewers the opportunity to choose how the storyline will proceed; creating several alternate endings.

Every Black Mirror episode was created to provoke deep thoughts, which goes beyond what most TV shows offer viewers nowadays.


9. The Good Place

Image Credit: Netflix

Introducing yet another entertaining Netflix comedy series, but one that dwells on life after death.

It’s a story about a woman called Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) which begins after her untimely death.

Michael (Ted Danson) is her guide in the next world and he does everything possible to help; however, we really won’t be saying much more because loads of surprises and twists already await you.

The Good Place is essentially about staying true to yourself no matter what; which as it turns out is easier said than done after you’re dead!

10. Parks & Recreation

Image Credit: Netflix

Many fans might consider this Netflix show to be similar to The Office.

It has a documentary-themed style that was filmed the same way and it revolves around people mostly doing their jobs within the Parks & Recreation Department of the fictional town of Pawnee in Indiana. 

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The Takeaway...

Here ends our curated list of Best Netflix Series for you to binge-watch on Netflix.

Go ahead and stream all of them but be sure to clear your work schedule first!

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