The 7 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives of 2021

Here you will know about the best Microsoft Office alternatives for 2021. Microsoft Office alternatives such as Google Docs, Zoho office, and much more.

 The 7 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives of 2021

Microsoft Office, the renowned office suite, has made significant progress in recent years. Every time they are more the different applications it offers and their various functions and characteristics. 

Although, with the recent changes, many have chosen to look for better free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

And it is that the Redmond firm has introduced new versions of the program, such as Office 365, available only online, which limits its use.

Added to this is a paid service, which has caused many users to choose to install a new office suite.

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The reasons for leaving Microsoft Office and looking for new office automation alternatives

There are several reasons why different users have decided to leave MS Office aside and have started to install or use other office suites available for free. Between them:

  • Not everyone needs all the applications available in the suite; many are limited to using only Word, Excel, and Publisher.
  • The possible and worrying abandonment of the installable versions and the passage to the use of Office 365, through the subscription payment to the cloud service.
  • Office 365 is alarming for many because of the data collection that the service has.
  • The paid versions of Office are the ones that have the best options and that distinguish the advance in each new installment of the suite.

Here are the Best Microsoft Office Alternatives of 2021 

  1. Google Docs
  2. SoftMaker FreeOffice
  3. WPS Office
  4. LibreOffice
  5. OnlyOffice
  6. Zoho Office
  7. iWork for iCloud

Suppose you feel identified with some of the above reasons and want to leave Microsoft Office to try a different office suite. In that case, you should know that other options are available with similar functions and for free. We review some of them.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is the best Microsoft office alternative; it is a part of Google's online office suite G Suites.

It is available free online for anyone registered with Gmail or a Google account. 

The package has applications similar to Office, such as docs, sheets, slides, forms. It is easy to use and very intuitive.

You can write or write your document online and download it in the different formats available. 

In addition, you have a 15 GB storage space for free to save your files, share them publicly or privately, and many more options available in this online suite.

2. SoftMaker FreeOffice

Softmaker FreeOffice is one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives; SoftMaker FreeOffice has the striking feature of being compatible with almost, if not all, of the file formats of Office applications.

It is free for business and home uses. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It is light and easy to install, which are the words that best describe SoftMaker FreeOffice. You will be able to export files to EPUB format and much more.

3. WPS Office

WPS Office is a complete and powerful office suite. You will be able to work without problems on your Microsoft Office documents.

This suite offers document signing and encryption features, exclusive PDF file utility, and more.

We recommend that you install WPS Office on relatively powerful computers or meet the requirements recommended by the developer, as it usually presents some lag problems on less powerful computers.

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4. LibreOffice

If you like to keep your suite installed on your PC or laptop, LibreOffice is the ideal option. 

It has the main MS Office applications, so it is compatible with its files, although it may present some reading errors.

It is one of the complete office suites available for free. It contains hundreds of functions and some features not available in the free versions of MS Office, so you will find it practical and exciting.

5. Onlyoffice

What if you mix the power and versatility of Microsoft Office and the free LibreOffice experience? The result is obvious. This is OnlyOffice.

Here you can create, edit, and collaborate on business documents online for free.

Although little known by most users, OnlyOffice is a complete office suite and easily rivals LibreOffice without problems.

Among the most notable criticisms is its design, which is a fusion of the complex design of MS Office with the simplicity of LibreOffice in some sections.

You can get a 1-Year subscription for 2 users for $0.72 only. Enjoy OnlyOffice.

6. Zoho Office

If you work or post on WordPress, the Zoho Office suite is likely familiar. It is a simple office suite with a lot of potentials. 

Among its main features is the possibility of uploading publications directly to sites that use the WordPress CMS.

7. iWork for iCloud

iWork for iCloud is the best ms office alternative; it offers three basic but efficient applications from its online office suite for free. 

Here you can keep all of your pictures, videos, documents, and much more updated on your PC. With Pages, Keynote, and Number, you can do whatever you need online.

It is the apparent competition of Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs, but it is not complete as its two rivals. 

It has a minimalist design and interface; you can also enjoy 5 GB of storage free and the possibility of buying the paid version.

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