10 best meme generator apps for Android and iOS- 2020

Finding good meme generator apps is too difficult. There are lots of apps on the internet, but most are quite bad. So take a look and choose the best meme app on Android!

10 best meme generator apps for Android and iOS- 2020

Today Memes are very popular. Currently, we can find them on many web pages and especially on social networks. This is why many users want to have them on their Android phones as well.

But it's not easy to find the best meme generator apps for android. The good part is that we have applications that help us to generate our own memes. Today we are going to talk about meme generator apps for Android.

In many cases, we can see that many of these applications end up disappearing after a while from the Play Store.

Although the ones that we show you below are some of the best known and established. So it is to be expected that they will be available for a long time on Android.

So we hope that these meme applications will be of great help to all those who are looking for a good way to have all their memes available.


Best apps to generate memes on Android

1. Memedroid

Memedroid meme generator app for Android and iPhone has similar characteristics to the previous ones.

Its differential is the possibility of using or sending GIFs for editing, which increases the possibilities when creating memes.

Memedroid also sends memes to its users frequently and can be used just for that, in addition to having a better-rated meme gallery.

It allows you to save memes on your device and share them on social networks and in all kinds of media.

The download of this Android application is free. Although we find ads inside this application.

Download link: Memedroid

2. GATM Meme Generator

GATM is the second-best meme generator app that corresponds to "Create All the Memes", evoking one of the most famous on the Internet.

Thanks to this free generator we will be able to use the most popular ones on the net to make our private jokes with friends or to share on social networks, blogs, or wherever we want.

The app has a very positive point, and that is that it is updated daily. Thus, you will always have the most fashionable on your Android phone.

You can choose different types of visualization within the app, and it also has a search engine that will make it much easier for us.

It also does not leave a watermark, the final result is seen live while it is being made and allows them to be passed to the SD card (something that not all apps leave).

The download of this Android application is absolutely free. Although, as in the previous case, we have purchases and ads inside.

Download link: GATM Meme Generator

3. Mematic

Phylosoraptor, the frog, bad luck brian, the most interesting man in the world ... do they ring a bell? These and the most popular in the world are at your disposal in Mematic.

The default style that comes in the app is that of demotivation photo in the middle of a thick black frame and blank phrase at the bottom

However, you can choose any other arrangement and create memes and posters of all kinds.

The app is free, but you can buy the pro version that allows more work with the text and more images to choose from.

Mematic meme generator app to generate funny memes is available for Android and iOS.

Download link: Mematic

4. Meme generator

Meme Generator is a meme generator app to make funny memes on Android from which everyone can be directly shared on Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and many more channels.

The app offers more than 600 images in HD (high quality) with many ideas of texts already written (in case you are not inspired that day).

The application is very complete and we could almost consider it a professional app since it allows you to make many adjustments to colors and sizes, as well as text position or cutouts.

The Android app for demotivation allows you to have a gallery of "favorites" and has an internal search engine so that you can find what you need at that moment (each moment and each emotion requires a different photo).

Even if you feel like it, you can use your own background photos. Oh, and you can add up to 10 texts. One of the best meme generator app!

The download of this application for Android has a cost of 2.79 USD.

Download link: Meme Generator

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5. Tumblr - Application to make memes with your photos

Tumblr is a feature-rich app. It is technically a kind of social network. People create profiles, share things, etc.

However, the application has a really unique feature. You can make GIFs. The app's GIF creator also includes items like text and stickers.

Therefore, you can create memes with GIFs or videos, it is a very favorable point.

There are other applications with this functionality. However, the Tumblr app seems to work fast and well. The application is also completely free. However, it shows ads.

Download link: Tumblr

6. Meme Generator for Android & iOS (KissApp)

KissApp brings us one of the apps to create more complete memes from Google Play and App Store.

And it is that the developers of this tool assure us the greatest variety of memes ever seen, which are classified by category and are updated daily.

One of the most complete features of Meme Generator is its PRO editor, where you can create and modify your own memes with a wide variety of available elements.

Also, you can give a little life to your creations with the option to make animated GIF's.

On the other hand, it should be noted that a social network is included where you can upload your works and assess those uploaded by other users.

Obviously, you can also share the memes by messaging and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter ...).

The app is free and, if you wish, you can completely remove the ads by paying 2.23 USD.

Download link: Meme Generator for Android(kissapp)

7. Memasik

Memasik is one of the apps to make memes on Android and iOS that you cannot miss on your device.

It is not for less since it is a tool that offers you the greatest variety of customization options to create the most original and fun memes.

Among its extensive collection of thematic stickers and memes to choose from, comic cartoons to add dialogues to images, the possibility of inserting text in several places, the pencil function, or the utility to crop the photo.

Later, once you have finished your creation, you can download it and share it on the most popular social networks.

In short, whatever the situation you are in, with Memasik you will always find the ideal meme.

Download link: Memasik

8. Meme Factory

If you are an android user and you are looking for a good application to make free memes, The Meme Factory will not disappoint you. Its operation is so simple that in seconds you will have your own meme.

To do this, you only have to choose one of the 125 app templates or your own images and customize them to your liking.

But this is not all, you can also download thousands of memes created by other users.

Now, to upload yours in the app, you must first register as a new user, which is activated through the link you will receive in the email used to create the account. Of course, The Meme Factory is completely free.

Download link: Meme Factory

9. Video & GIF Memes

The creators of Meme Generator surprise us again with Video & GIF Memes generator app. 

As its name indicates, this meme generator app will allow you to create memes in video and gif format with your mobile.

The interface of the app is very intuitive, so you simply have to select as many input files as you want (photos, gifs, and videos) and put them together in a single output file, which can be saved in GIF or video format.

Also, you can edit multiple options such as images per second, speed or quality, and add multiple phrases and move them wherever you want, so you can adjust the color and size of the text.

Finally, you will only have to save the video / GIF and share it on social networks. In fact, the app has support for square videos, the format Instagram requires.

The best of all? Video & GIF Memes generator app is totally free, so you won't have to pay a penny to use all its options.

Download link: Video & GIF Memes

10. InstaRage

With a rating of 4.8 in the App Store, InstaRage ranks as one of the best meme generator apps for making memes with photos.

In this sense, the app allows you to choose any photo of yourself and replace the faces with a sticker, such as a troll face or the famous meme of Yao Ming's face. You can choose from more than 480 stickers!

In addition, you will also have tools to add text, apply filters, or make overlays of several photos in one.

And if you speak on iMessage, you will also have more than 100 memes to send to your friends.

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InstaRage is free and has different paid packs to add more effects and stickers.

Download link: Instarage


Have you tried any of these applications to create your own memes? What is your favorite or is there any other that you want to indicate? Comment with us and be sure to share your recommendations!

Do we leave any important? Help us and give your opinion on what you think should deserve to be on this list.