10 best eBook reader apps for Android and iOS

Here are the best eBook reader apps for Android, to download books are for free and legally read on your smartphone.

10 best eBook reader apps for Android and iOS

Do you use your smartphone to read ebooks? Then you will be interested to know that there are apps to download books for free and legally for your mobile.

Yes, it sounds great, we know. That's why we want to tell you all about the best eBook reader apps for Android!

Now you can carry your books in your pocket with these apps to read books on your smartphone.

It is true that the fashion for electronic books is increasingly spreading. So, enjoy reading!

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Here are the 10 best eBook reader apps for Android

  1. Wattpad
  2. Audible
  3. 24 Symbols
  4. Kobo
  5. Nubico
  6. Adilko Book Reader
  7. Bookmate
  8. Kindle
  9. Google Play Books
  10. Apple books

1. Wattpad

This application offers you more than ten million different books both by well-known authors and new authors. One of its main advantages is the option of being able to read offline the books that you have saved in your Wattpad library. 

This app will also allow you to adjust the font size so that you can read comfortably and if you dare to write your own stories, you can upload them directly to Wattpad for other users to read. Start downloading books on Wattpad to android or iPhone.

You can become part of the Wattpad community, where you can share opinions and chat about that unexpected ending both with other readers and with the writers themselves. 

And if you have a creative spirit, this is the time to share your work with the rest of the world.

2. Audible

Audible is an audiobook playback platform and app that works by subscription, for those who have little time to read but want to continue enjoying literature.

If you'd rather listen to an audiobook rather than read, you can do so thanks to Audible forAndroid Y iPhone. With this application, you will choose from more than 18,000 different audiobooks. 

The most practical function of Audible is to be able to listen to a book in the background while doing other tasks on your smartphone.

3. 24 Symbols

This application has a free version with just over 5,000 books, but if you prefer, you can also enjoy its monthly subscription with which for € 8.99 / month you can access more than 200,000 different works. 

Also, in 24 Symbols you will find books in seven different languages, why don't you dare to try it on your android?

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4. Kobo

With Kobo you can legally download the best ebooks on your mobile. You will filter your search by author, subject, or directly by the title of the book you want to have on your mobile. 

In addition, it has the option of "bookmarks" so that you always resume reading at the exact point where you left it. Start reading from your mobile now Android with Kobo.

5. Nubico

In Nubico you will not only find free ebooks hosted in the cloud, but also a multitude of magazine issues that you can download to your smartphone to read comfortably. 

In addition, thanks to Nubico you will be able to underline and mark the paragraphs that interest you in a book and consult them when you need it and, most importantly, this application allows you to synchronize it on up to five different devices so that you can read your favorite books on any of them. 

Download Nubico now to android.

6. Aldiko Book Reader

Besides being a reader of books in EPUB and PDF format, it has its own library with a multitude of titles available for download. 

With Adilko Book Reader you can customize the font of the books so that you adapt it to your liking. Install Aldiko Book Reader on yourAndroid.

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7. Bookmate

This application, is available for  Android, is one of the best apps to read free books in so many languages and other languages ​​online. 

In its extensive library, you will have the possibility of accessing 50,000 ebooks at no cost.

This application has a great collection of bestsellers and classics that you can read without installing any files on your device.

8. Kindle

When we talk about electronic books or e-books, the name of Kindle immediately comes to mind. Kindle is one of the best ebook reader apps for online and offline reading of books.

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous and purchased physical electronic books among users. Also, it has the official Kindle app.

Amazon popularized the Kindle name and it's here to stay. Within the mobile application (for Android), you will find thousands of free books to read online from your mobile or tablet -in case you prefer a slightly larger screen. 

9. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a brand of google, the famous and free app to read books on Android which will allow you to access millions of books on Google play, including news, New York Times bestsellers, free textbooks, and classics. 

The app allows you to customize the reading to your liking, such as adjusting the font size, and to read online & offline, we can follow the reading where we left it.

The app to read ebooks also allows you to synchronize your books and readings with your mobile, tablet, and computer so that you can continue reading from where it suits you best. 

10. Apple Books

In this app, you can find virtual texts and audiobooks of the most outstanding authors, classified in categories for all ages. 

Apple  Books is an exclusive reading tool from Apple that features free samples and interactive picture books, ideal for art and photography as well as children's themes.

It has paragraph display adjustment, page markers, sentence highlighter, reader annotations, and word finder, it contains support tools to facilitate reading. 

It allows you to synchronize the session to share the notes and passages on social networks and by email, as well as print PDF documents.

In Conclusion...

We hope that with these applications and websites you can read your favorite e-books from your Android or iOS tablet or mobile and you can customize it in your own way so that you enjoy the pleasure of reading wherever you are. 

And now, tell us: do you know any other apps to read e-books on your mobile?