The 12 best apps for drones in 2020

We have compiled this list of 12 of the best drone apps used for drone pilots. There is a drone app for any drone photography skill you want to learn.

The 12 best apps for drones in 2020

Do you need to optimize the control of your drone from your mobile? Do you want to know if there is something similar to a Mission planner for Android or iOS? 

Do you want to download an app and make the most of your device? You are in the right place!

In this Opjee article, we will show you the best drone applications you need to control and adjust your device exactly to your needs. 

You just have to read the reviews and see which one best suits your team. To fly in the sky.

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The 12 best apps for drones in 2020 are

  1. DJI Ground Station Pro
  2. AirMap for drones
  3. FreeFlight Mini
  4. Pix4Dcapture
  5. Litchi for DJI
  6. UGCS
  7. DroneDeploy: mapping for DJI
  8. UAV Forecast for DJI Quadcopter
  9. IcarusRPA
  10. Drone Buddy - UAV Safe Wind
  11. Hover - Drone & UAV pilot app
  12. SKRWT

In this section, we will present you all those applications for drones with functionality similar to Mission Planner that you can find in Google Play and App Store. 

In all of them, you will enjoy endless functions so that you can fully exploit the characteristics of your device. Do not miss it!

1. DJI Ground Station Pro

Exclusively designed for iPad, DJI GS Pro is an application that will help you control, plan, and execute automatic flights for drones or DJI planes. 

Through its simple and concise interface, you can make a preliminary plan in which you include when, where, and with what angle you want your team to take the photographs.

It is specially designed to fully exploit the qualities of your DJI, incorporating features similar to Mission Planner and adding increased performance for industrial applications. 

Thus, you can obtain aerial shots, inspect electrical works or carry out rescue and search maneuvers, among others.

This app to control drones also ensures great precision and response speed on flights you make in real-time. 

It will also allow you to change routes when the device is in the air and informs you through notifications if there are any problems during the flight. 

It is free and includes optional micro-purchases to expand the functionalities.

Download link: DJI Ground Station Pro

2. AirMap for drones

AirMap is an amazing drone app that will let you know in real-time what the airspace limitations are when planning your flight route. 

This way you will avoid having infractions and you will have the option to alternate different map styles so that you can carry out your mapping in a concrete, safe, and legal way.

It allows you to completely manage, create, and master all the functions of pilot and UAV aircraft. 

In this way, you will be able to plan a totally specific flight route with data on altitude, airspace, duration, and even stop to obtain specific shots at certain angles.

You can connect it to any DJI drone that is compatible to fly and allows you to change the camera settings remotely. 

You can also request digital permits to carry out commercial operations and record certain shots in controlled spaces. The best of all? It is completely free.

Download link:  Android | iOS

3. FreeFlight Mini

If you have a Parrot drone, then this Mission Planner- style application will be perfect for you on your mobile. 

Its intuitive interface will greatly simplify the task of piloting for beginners, achieving a fully professional planned flight and regardless of your level of knowledge on the subject.

If you wish, you can complement the functions of this application with a Joypad created by the brand or using simple touch controls. 

These will pair with your DJI or Parrot device via Bluetooth Smart, allowing you the ability, not only to plan your flight but to easily drive in real-time.

In this way, when you tilt your phone in one direction or another, the drone will take the same position and tilt so that you can take accurate shots and fly through complicated places. 

It is compatible with Parrot Mambo, Swing, mini-drones, Airborne Night, Cargo, and Hydrofoil. You will be the king of stunts!

Download link: Android

4. Pix4Dcapture

Pix4d is one of the applications with the greatest compatibility of flying devices, so it will turn your equipment into a professional mapping tool. 

Among other functions, you can complement this software with the Pix4D and Capture photogrammetry system, a perfect tool for obtaining RGB and thermal images.

In this way, your maps will be more precise, optimal and you will be able to see them in 3D to make accurate flight planning and even tell the drone where to take the shots. 

Later, you can process the images you make through a cloud service directly from your desktop.

In short, you will be able to produce complete georeferenced maps that you can adapt to all kinds of tasks, a very useful feature for other drones to do the same route and to obtain similar shots in real-time. The app is completely free.

Download link:  Android | iOS

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5. Litchi for DJI

To get the most out of your DJI device, you need to download the Litchi app, which includes a large number of functions: waypoint, panorama, focus, orbit, track, tracking, VR, flight records ... 

In this way, you can edit the waypoints ( waypoints), configure any type of mission, and establish the use of cameras in real-time.

With VR mode, you can use the drone application from your virtual reality glasses, allowing you to feel as if you are inside the device flying. 

Likewise, you can control the gimbal with a simple movement of your head to establish the direction and inclination of your mini plane.

Finally, the Bluetooth and WiFi connection of your drone will give you the possibility to broadcast live on your Facebook, as well as configure all the focus, flight, and movement options. 

Of course, to have it on your mobile you will have to scratch your pocket: $29.44.

Download link:  Android | iOS

6. UGCS: a drone application for your computer

Maybe you don't want to connect your drone to your mobile and you want to connect it to your computer.

For that, we also have the ideal option, UGCS, software available for Windows, Linux, and macOS

This is a program that comes equipped with a professional mapping controller and has a terrain tracking function.

Best of all, it is compatible with most models available on the market, so the same software will serve you for different drones. 

It will allow you to import any route you have already created or incorporate some routes created from KML data so that you save up to 50% of the time in strategic planning.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the function of pre-recording the route, which is wonderful since you will not need a connection with any device while you are flying. 

You just need your device to receive the orders and undertake the flight mission you have loaded, making it return in the stipulated time and take the shots you want.

You have 14 days to try the program for free and, after that period of time, you must make a subscription.

Download link:  Android

7. DroneDeploy: mapping for DJI

DroneDeploy is a very good DJI mobile application that will help you control drones and flights with commercial shots. 

This is because its system provides automatic data capture, flights, and routes for you to explore interactive and realistic maps that will allow you to make perfect shots in real-time.

You can also use a free planning mode so that you can fly autonomously from your device as if it were a video game. 

All this while the app shows you the images in the resolution that your drone allows and with the possibility of sharing these images on your live social networks.

Without a doubt, it is an ideal software for maps and aerial images, whether for construction, mining, insurance, topography, or agriculture. 

And you can monitor and analyze more than 30 million hectares in 160 countries around the world. And last but not least, it is a totally free app.

Download link:  Android | iOS

8. UAV Forecast for DJI Quadcopter

How can you know if the weather, temperature, and wind direction are good to drive your drone on the route you want? Then install UAV Forecast! 

This is a weather app that will show you in a very intuitive way when the air conditions are perfect so that your device can fly smoothly.

Taking into account wind speed, its direction, the ambient temperature, the intensity of the sun, the density of the clouds, or the weather, this app to fly drones does a sum of factors and determines if it is good to fly as it is or not. 

you had planned. Likewise, it will inform you about the areas that are excluded, that is, those where you will not be able to fly.

To get an accurate technical measurement, all you have to do is search on your map in which sector you want your drone to fly and the approximate day you will do it. 

Using Google Weather and other components, you can know exactly what the weather measurements are. The app is free and has an annual subscription to use it without limits.

Download link:  Android | iOS

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9. IcarusRPA

IcarusRPA is an application similar to Mission Planner that makes a specific mapping and allows you to verify which are the airspaces where you can fly. 

It is designed to introduce you to all the sectors where this type of device has permission to fly in Portugal.

The tool is based on maps, so it will show you graphically and intuitively where there are or are not RPA flight limitations, shading in green the places where you can plan your route and, in red, those that cannot. 

It also allows you to consult the Metar or Tafor of any airport in ICAO format.

This is complemented by maps with incidents of the climatic type so that you can visualize in real-time when the weather is good to fly, and with the planetary K-index (Kp), which indicates the magnitude of geomagnetic storms. 

IcarusRPA is free to download, while its annual subscription can be obtained for a modest price of $2.93.

Download link:  Android | iOS

10. Drone Buddy - UAV Safe Wind

The best drone application for both beginner and professional pilots is Drone Buddy, a tool with all the necessary functions to correctly drive your device.

All this is presented in a simple interface and is characterized by being very precise. Among other functions, it allows you to plan flights and shots in advance, fly in real-time, and make live broadcasts.

On the other hand, it has a very practical control panel for you to modify the routes according to the speed and direction of the wind along with a stabilizer to avoid accidents. 

This panel also includes the Kp index and information on cloud density, possible visibility, solar behavior, and other parameters that will be very useful when it comes to modifying your route.

Drone Buddy is an app for flying drones that has several configuration options (imperial and metric) and provides you with the rules and conditions of the airspace where you plan to transit. 

And last but not least, it has great compatibility with all kinds of DJI and FPV devices. It is free to download and you have different Premium options to expand its features.

Download link:  Android | iOS

11. Hover - Drone & UAV pilot app

Do you need drone control software that has everything you need to fly? Hover is ideal for any type of drone, QuadCopter, or UAV, showing you where you can and cannot fly and if the weather is appropriate for it.

In addition, it informs you about the state of the equipment while you fly and shows you a large and updated map with the defined exclusion zones to avoid accidents, illegal flights, and actions that could harm you. 

In the same way, it keeps a flight log so you can follow your device while you are on the route.

For these and many other reasons, Hover is one of the favorite apps for more than 300,000 pilots for commercial, recreational, and informative purposes, since it allows you to fly legally and safely wherever you are. Of course, it is completely free.

Download link:  Android


SKRWT is an ideal application for photographers and people who use their drones to take professional shots.

In this sense, it is the only one capable of correcting the lens perspective and improving the photos with a touch on the mobile. 

This way, you can take the perfect shot and then get the most out of it by taking a more symmetrical approach based on what you have obtained during the flight route.

It is also capable of selective corrections of perspective, horizontal and vertical lines, which can be distorted with some lenses. 

This is achieved with a self-cut function and a very intuitive interface that you can use without prior knowledge.

Finally, you will be able to add high precision mirrors as no other drone photo correction app can do.

In this way, you will refresh the photos, play with the symmetry, and get more complete and artistic professional shots. 

The app is paid for both Android ($1.87) and iOS ($2.70).

Download link:  Android | iOS

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End Up...

If you have any questions or comments you want to share, do not hesitate to write your experiences or considerations about the best drones for 2020 below in the comments section.

Regards and until next time!