5 Best cycling apps | Android & iPhone 2020

Here are five of the best cycling apps available, we have compiled a list of the best cycling apps. All the apps mentioned are free for android & iOS.

5 Best cycling apps | Android & iPhone 2020

The number of applications that we have on our mobile devices and tablets are innumerable since new tools constantly appear that allow us, in one way or another, to make our lives easier.

An example of this is the apps to measure distance traveled by bicycle without the Internet, something that in other times we could have believed impossible, but which today, thanks to the imminent technological advance, is possible.

So if you are a cycling lover and want to discover how much to travel onboard your bicycle, be sure to test some of the apps that we will mention below.

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Best Cycling Apps to measure distance traveled by bicycle without internet

As we have just mentioned, in other decades, knowing the distance you traveled on your bicycle was a titanic and somewhat cumbersome task, especially if you did not have the appropriate equipment to accomplish this objective, But, let's call it something these days.

Simple, because, with the help of your mobile device, you just have to download an app to measure the distance traveled by bicycle without the internet and that is it.

If you want to know what these devices are and how they work, then pay attention to this list:

1. E-Tube

E-Tube is one of the best cycling apps for measuring distance traveled by bicycle without the internet in the Japanese market.

The tool not only allows you to know the number of meters and kilometers traveled but also gives you the option to control other people's devices through Bluetooth.

It is considered by many users as the best technological platform to measure distances traveled, if cycling is your thing, surely this cycling app will be very useful for you.

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2. Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness is very popular with users and cycling enthusiasts, in part because it is a free downloadable tool available for Android and iOS operating systems.

As exposed by the hundreds of users who have tested the functionalities of this tool, its use is quite simple and the features are of great help to measure distances and kilometers.

In addition, through the use of Bluetooth you can have a monitoring of heart rate, power meters, established speed, and GPS.

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3. Cycling - Bicycle Tracking

When we have the opportunity to perform our skills in a sport, we are always interested in knowing from our physical state to our location.

If you are one of those people who care about knowing each of its coordinates, cycling app is the application that you were waiting for, since, it not only guarantees the aforementioned information but also offers you information on the routes you are traveling.

It also gives you recommendations to recognize which are the routes with the most flows of people and the ones that are most desolate at the moment riding on your bike.

The only negative thing in this app is, you can say it, is that it works exclusively with Android operating systems.

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4. Bike Citizens GPS and Bike Routes

This application is considered the first tool designed for people who practice cycling within large cities.

One of its most notable features is that it provides information to users on the clearest and most comfortable routes for cycling.

Another of the most praised things about this app is that it can work without an internet connection, this app will not only saves data but also battery power.

This app is also available in more than 600 cities around the worldwide, which is quite functional to activate its voice indicator.

As if that were not enough, this application is so good, that it was even awarded as one of the best applications in Europe.

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5. Strava: races and cycling

If we talk about this cycling app's popularity in the technology market, Strava is undoubtedly the best rated of all.

Among the advantages offered by this tool, it stands out the possibility that it has to provide users with information regarding their progress on routes and the number of kilometers traveled.

The all circuits that you comply with this will be filed within the platform for you to carry a monthly or annual record of what you have been doing on your bike.

In the same way, it can measure your time and that of your pedaling partners.

The truth is that obtaining one of the apps to measure distance traveled by bicycle without the internet is quite a simple task.

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We hope that our recommendations meet your training standards and demands. Remember that our list is based on positive comments and ratings from users.

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So if you know any other cycling apps or tool of this style that works perfectly, do not hesitate to share it with us in our comments section that you can find. below.