Top 9 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android and iOS

Here, today we are going to discuss the best cloud storage applications for both android and ios. If you want to know them read the blog.

Top 9 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android and iOS

There are so many applications that provide a space on the cloud to store all kinds of files, although some specialize in photos, they also exist in all their variants, but none in particular that I know of offer limited space unless they cover the monthly fee or annual, which not all of us have the opportunity to enjoy.

Many of the applications for storing files, apart from having the files directly from the application, we can also access the website.

The applications that we can access from any device and anywhere, it is enough to have access to the Internet, one of the great ones is Google Drive that is in charge of storing files in the cloud, it is about productivity applications, nowadays it is accessible to all who have an Android device.

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 Best apps to upload files and photos to the cloud

Although the concept of the service is the same, there are different cloud platforms that offer their users various storage spaces, with Premium / Pro services normally offering the greatest capacity on their servers.

So, if you want to know them, below we show you what is considered the best applications in the cloud, both for their quality, as well as for their reliability and storage capacity. Let's go see them!

1. Google Drive

Google Drive replaced Google Docs in 2012 as the American company's primary tool for file and multimedia management. Google Drive is available on both Android and iOS.

You can easily share and collaborate on documents. Viewing files offline, prior user authorization, allows you to open the document in places where you do not have an internet connection.

It is the platform that has the most premium options available. The user can choose between 100GB, 200GB, 2TB, 10TB, 20TB or 30TB.

And it is that, with a modern, fast and efficient interface, Drive has managed to establish itself as the most used support service in the cloud. 

The free version starts using the basic 15Gb space of the Google account, which is distributed among each service (Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc).

2. Dropbox

This popular cloud hosting service has been operating since 2007 and, for many years, was the undisputed leader in this class of platforms.

It is currently the second most used cloud storage tool, after Google Drive. Dropbox available on Android and iOS 

Dropbox for Android is characterized by the speed and lightness with which files are uploaded from a mobile. You have the option to automatically upload photos when connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

It also has both a mobile desktop application and a web version, with which its synchronization is really optimal, being the files fully accessible from any device.

The Dropbox business model consists of a free version with 2GB, while there is the option to upgrade to Premium for 113 USD per year (1TB of storage) or 227 $ per year (2TB of storage).

3. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is one of the popular and best cloud storage app available on both Android and iOS. Confident of being the world leader in e-commerce, it has also joined the wide offer of cloud storage services. 

Amazon Drive is characterized by emphasizing the security of its users' accounts, using the latest technology protocols and mechanisms.

It has a mobile app, a computer program, and web access. It offers two modalities, the free version, for its Amazon users, with 5GB of storage and the Premium version with annual plans that start from 100 GB for 22 USD.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is the pioneer platform in almost everything related to modern computing and, for this reason, it could not be left out in this section of online cloud services.

The tool is known as OneDrive and offers solid performance for speed and security.

One of the most notable aspects is its synchronization with other tools of the Office package, such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

This is aimed at the convenience of working on the same document from several computers or in several places.

Microsoft one drive cloud storage app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The free version allows you to save up to 5GB of documents, while it should be noted that the subscription to 1TB is priced at € 69 per year, a price / TB ratio higher than Google Drive ( 51 $) but cheaper than Dropbox ( 112 $).

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5. WD My Cloud

Here is a service that stands out for its difference and versatility. Western Digital Technologies, the developer of WD My Cloud, offers a totally domestic and private cloud. 

In this way, the user has the security that his data is always within reach and protected.

WD My Cloud is a hard drive/cloud with various hosting capacities, being able to choose between 4, 8, 12, and 16 TB of space.

It has a QuadCore processor with 1GB RAM, which makes it quickly accessible on its interface.

You can download it from android.

6. Box cloud

Box is currently one of the best cloud storage app and one of the most widely used at the business level. This cloud storage app available on both Android and iOS.

This has been stated by different editors of portals and technology magazines or by Apple itself, who has rated it as one of the best new apps on the App Store.

And it is that Box has nothing to envy to its most direct competitors since it has an incredibly intuitive interface to be able to save, organize and share all the documents from any device in a totally secure way.

In addition, you can access these without the need for a connection.

Box has both an application (iOS and Android) and a web service. The free plan is 10GB and there is the option to upgrade to the pro and have 100GB of storage for 10 USD / month.


MEGA is one of the king in the field of cloud storage services. Although it has undergone various transformations over the years, it remains solid as one of the best data infrastructures.

Among other virtues, Mega stands out for its excellent security, with zero-knowledge encryption, one of the most advanced to protect private data.

MEGA offers 50GB of free storage, more than a considerable amount to store all the essential documents. Premium plans range from 200GB to 8TB, with the 1TB plan priced at 114 USD per year.

Mega is available on Android and iOS

8. Resilio Sync

This application is not a conventional cloud storage service, but a manager for file synchronization and exchange. To do this, it uses torrent technology for faster transmission of content information.

In other words, the service allows creating a private cloud between different devices, for example between the computer and the mobile, so that any file can be transferred without space limit or transfer speed.

Resilio Sync is one of the best options today since you will not have to invest a single penny to have your data protected. Download it right now from android.

9. BigMIND - Cloud Backup

This cloud hosting service also functions as a private organizer of mobile multimedia content. It has face recognition technology that is useful for grouping pictures of people.

It also has an object detector and integration with social networks for easy sharing.

The app is designed for easy use as it has a modern, fresh, and friendly interface that will guide the user throughout the process of organizing and protecting their content.

BigMIND offers users 5GB of free storage, a capacity that puts them on par with the free Microsoft One Drive plan.

BigMIND cloud storage app is available on Android and iOS.

As for the premium, you can choose between 100GB ($ 29.99 / year), 500GB ($ 69.99 / year) or 1TB ($ 129.99 / year). Highly recommended.

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In conclusion:

It is totally safe to save personal files like documents, photos, and videos in the cloud. And it is undoubtedly much safer than storing in physical memory.