10 Best Calendar Apps for Android

Here are the 10 best calendar apps for Android to remember birthdays, meetings, anniversary, dating or special dates that include holidays, calendar widgets.

10 Best Calendar Apps for Android

Keeping an agenda not only helps improve our productivity, but it also helps us meet our long-term goals and objectives. 

That is why this list Opjee wants to share the best calendars for Android mobiles in English and even other platforms such as iOS (iPhone.)

There is something for everyone ... calendars that have their own style, task tracking, different views, reminders of important events ( with alarm ) such as birthdays or special dates that include holidays, calendar widgets ... and many more functions.

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The Best Agendas for Android 2020

1- Google Calendar

Google has redesigned its calendar with Material Design, offering a clearer view.

  • Change the view of your calendar (day, week and month),
  • Synchronize your events with your Gmail email.
  • Create goals and Google Calendar will make a space in your week to do it and the best of all is that it can be synchronized with all your calendars so that you have more orders.

2- Business Agenda Calendar

Business Calendar is one of the best applications that offer different views (Month, Week, Agenda), more than 22 themes with 7 widgets to add to the desktop, and functions to manage the planner and daily tasks. 

It is a calendar that stands out for its customization and the level of detail it has for each event.

3- ACalendar-Android Calendar

Take a look at your day, week, month, and year, in addition to the wide variety of tones to customize it as you want.

This app contains an agenda with its own widget, colors per event, marks the birthdays of your contacts, a graphic summary of your days, phases of the moon, and other tools that will facilitate your day to day.

4- Cal: Any.do Calendar

Plan your day to day in one place, without complications, thanks to the tools of this application such as reminders, task tracking, social intelligence that suggests places where you want to go with your friends, horizontal view, and for months, download it and enjoy of its content.

5- Month: Calendar Widget

If you do not like the designs of some calendar widgets that you have installed, this app will provide you with more than 70 designs that integrate with the home screen you have and also synchronize with the google calendar to show events, birthdays, faces Monday and the day's agenda.

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6- Calengoo - Calendar and tasks

Find different widgets for your screen, reminder functions, create events and tasks by voice, birthday reminder, improve time and date picker, synchronization with Google Calendar, among other functions.

7- Digical Calendar

This app offers you customization of widgets and elegant calendar views, plus 42 colors available for each event, built-in search for places, weather forecast, planning agenda ... etc.

8- Jorte Calendar App

Choose from the variety of widgets that this app has for you, select the preferred display (day, week, or month), customize the colors of your events, synchronize with Google Calendar and use the Google Voice Search function to give you greater comfort.

9- SolCalendar-Calendar / To Do

Manage your events, to-do lists, view the global weather forecast, the phases of the moon, calendar holidays in more than 30 countries, available in 22 languages, synchronization with Google Tasks, Google Calendar, Yahoo! and any other calendar that support CalDAV.

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10- Today Calendar

This application has been completely redesigned, which makes it different from other applications, increasing productivity and performance to make its use really easy. Download it and enjoy its new content.

11. Menstrual Calendar

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The best application that tracks your menstrual cycle with functions such as a calculator of your ovulation, period and fertility, planning reminders, best days to get pregnant, and many other tools, which will make your cycle better planned and organized.