10 Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases on Android [100% Working]

Here are the top 10 best apps for in-app purchases hack. Free in app purchases for any games or apps on android without rooting.

10 Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases on Android [100% Working]

If you are in search of Free In App Purchases Android without Root, then you are in the right place. The Google Play Store is full of amazing applications, the majority of which, claims to be free.

The problem is free is often a misnomer. If you’re not paying for it, then someone else is or you’re covertly being made to pay for it.

Most of these apps make their money through in-application advertisements. They also give you an option to buy ad-free versions. Free applications also tend to lock their best features behind a paywall.

So instead of selling you the entire application and all its premium features, you have the option of picking and choosing the ones you want.

Unfortunately, not all of us have Bill Gates money and can afford to purchase apps or pay for additional features. Luckily, there is a way around this.

You can actually hack apps to hide ads and make all the premium features available to you.

In most cases, you don’t even have to download a separate APK and edit it.

It’s important that these in app purchases android should be used in situations where you want to test all the features of an app before ultimately purchasing it (if you can afford it).

In this article, we’ll show you ten ways you can get free in app purchases android with the use of hacking apps on your Android phone. 

Here are the Best Apps To Get Free in app purchases on Android

  1. Lucky Patcher
  2. Creehack
  3. Freedom
  4. Jasi Patcher FKA URET Patcher
  5. Leo PlayCard
  6. TG Hack
  7. Cheat Droid
  8. Appsara
  9. XModGames
  10. GameCIH

1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one of the most popular apps to get free in app purchase. With Lucky Patcher, you can modify the application’s permissions, remove ads, and free in-app purchases. It can also be used to install new system apps.

In addition to this, it allows you to generate hacked APK files, emulate levels, and premium in-app purchases.

Lucky Patcher is a completely free Android app that can mod many apps and Games, Block ads, remove unwanted system apps, backup apps before and after modifying, Move apps to SD cards, remove license verification from paid apps and games, etc.

Without a rooted phone, this app will only really be able to generate modded APKs, so having a rooted device is still recommended, but not necessary.

2. Creehack APK

Creehack is an emulator for free in app purchases. This app will simulate the Google Play Store and turn real money purchases into $0 cost payments that do not require any payment methods connected, allowing you to get free gems and premium stuff in games or apps that do not have to be connected to the internet.

It will not work for online game apps that need to be connected to game servers to run since those usually store your inventory, money, and gems on the servers which cannot be edited using any tools.

Usually, many video games require that you make purchases if you want to enjoy all the features of the game.

With Creehack, you can bypass all the limitations and then enjoy your favorite game without having to make the purchase. 

In addition to this, you can get playing items such as lives, levels, and coins for free. 

If CreeHack doesn’t work for you, fret not, we have other payment emulators on this list and free in-app purchases hack on this list.

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3. Freedom APK

If you’re looking for an alternative to CreeHack, we recommend that you go with Freedom APK. It does exactly what CreeHack does but some users may argue that it’s better.

This free in app purchases android allows you to emulate in-app purchases and therefore allows you to get a lot of free stuff in Android games. It works for a huge number of popular offline games.

However, it does require a rooted device in order to emulate the fake purchases through the Google Play Store and enable you to get lots of free premium currency.

What makes it special is it enables you to hack some of the android games that cannot be hacked with simple memory editing and changing values because the values are either hidden too well, stored in the cloud, or otherwise protected by checks and balances.

It’s awesome in app purchases hack android app and we highly recommend it.

4. Jasi Patcher FKA URET Patcher

URET Patcher was renamed Jasi Patcher in August of 2018 after the fourth version was released.

Jasi Patcher is an automatic patching app designed to interrupt license checks, hack in app purchases, and remove adverts as well as other restrictions of an Android application.

It achieves this through customized patches, common patches, emulation, instruments, and utilities. Jasi Patcher was retired from team URET and is now solely managed by Jasi2169.

Jasi Patcher is completely free to download and doesn’t break any copyrights of the apps it makes modifications to (or so Jasi claims).

This in-app purchases app is well designed and easy to use. However, some of the font and color may be off-putting.

What matters most is that it works and the developers are constantly working on updates.

Jasi requires you to have Android 4 and above. It also needs Root access to function effectively.

You also need to ensure your device has the Xposed/Virtual Xposed framework installed and set up properly.

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5. Leo Playcard apk

Leo PlayCard is another great alternative app for hack in-app purchase on Android and to get them for free.

It gives users the ability to download an unlimited amount of applications, game lives, coins, etc.

It’s compatible with thousands of different applications. The website boasts that it has the largest compatibility with any other hacking application. It also works on a multitude of Android devices.

To hack in app purchases all you have to do is first download the application, install it, and enable it.

Once you’re done setting it up, open the Application in In app purchases and go to payment options and tap on the pay button.

Leo PlayCard Apk will make the payment successful for free if Leo PlayCard is compatible with the desired application.

It’s actually one of the easiest hacking tools to use for free in-app purchases. It comes highly recommended by us.

6. TG Hack

TG Hack is another wonderful app for Android that allows you to make in app purchases – that would otherwise cost you money – for free. It works for both offline games and applications.

The application’s interface is pretty barebones and straightforward. All you have to do to enable the application, once it is installed is tap the button in the center. In contrast to applications such as Lucky Patcher, it works automatically.

To install the TG Hack, you have to download the APK from a verified website. Before installing the APK, you have to ensure that your device permits the installation of software from unknown sources.

TG Hack is listed 6th in our list of in-app purchases hack android apps.

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7. Cheat Droid

Cheat Droid is an app that is aimed primarily at developers. It is a great hack in app purchase app that can be considered as a shared preferences editor.

Since it allows you to debug and change the shared preferences that the games and apps installed on your android device have, it can help you in controlling the amount of personal information your apps can have access to.

Cheat Droid is only usable if your device has been rooted. So, unless your android device is rooted, it is impossible for you to make use of this shared preferences editor.

It is one of the only drawbacks of this app that I was able to find.

Using its preference editing tools, you can actually hack in app purchases. While it’s not as easy to do as it is with other apps, Cheat Droid isn’t geared towards in-app purchases.

It allows you to edit almost every aspect of how an application interacts with your device.

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder that requires a little expertise to use, then we suggest you give Cheat Droid a try.

8. Appsara

Appsara is a game hack application for Android that can also be used to hack in app purchases. It does this all automatically for you.

Much like the other apps on this list, it’s not available on the app store. You have to download the application from the official site and sideload it.

This is a running theme among Android app hack apps but the interface very basic and bare.

Its home screen consists of a single button that you can enable or disable when you want to bypass in-app purchases.

The application supports over 70+ different apps and Android games. The application is completely free.

It requires Android 2.2 or above but it does not require your device to be rooted.

Although it doesn’t have as much support as the other apps on this list, we still highly recommend it.

9. Xmodgames

What makes Xmodgames stand out from other APK modders and hack tools is it’s basically a launcher that allows you to access in-app purchases in games for free on your games and apps. 

So it modifies your games on the fly. After it modifies your game, it launches it and will even allow you to access advanced options in the game (if they are available).

Xmodgames even allows for the running of Lua Scripts (Bots) that can automatically perform actions such as raiding, collecting rewards, doing social reward collection, etc.

Xmod Games is arguably the best alternative to straight-up downloading modded APKs from random websites.

However, the downside to using this launcher is that online games are starting to ban people that have Xmod games files on their phones no matter if they used it on that game or not.

So do be very careful and please don’t use this on your online games before testing it on a separate device on a dummy account.

It also should be noted that Xmod Games requires you to root your device.

10. GameCIH

GameCIH Apk stands as the oldest modding application on this list. While it’s not as serviceable as the other entries on this list, it still deserves a little respect and notoriety.

Although GameCIH hasn’t been updated since 2012, it still works for a lot of devices, especially older ones.

Like many other memory editors, it allows you to scan for values and easily edit them. Unfortunately, like most scanners and memory editors, it requires you to root your phone.

It has a simple and well-designed user interface. It’s very user-friendly. There’s not much we can say about GameCIH that hasn’t already been well documented and said.

Like most other apps of this kind, it works on offline games only.

If you’re looking for a game and free in app purchases android that will definitely work on an older device or older Android version, then we highly recommend GameCIH.

Final Words...

Once again, we’d like to remind you of ethics and morality. Granted, you may not be able to afford the game, app, or in app purchases at the moment but always remember to support the developers when and where you can.

If you have any recommendations of your own or would like some help, please do not hesitate to comment in the comment box below. As always, thank you for your support and readership.