10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Android & iPhone [2022]

Here in this article, we have listed some of the best anonymous chat apps which will really be helpful in chatting & messaging with strangers.

10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Android & iPhone [2022]

As of today, there is an abundance of best anonymous chat apps available online. These chatting apps have various features, designs, and User-Interfaces developed to impress their users.

And, even though popular messaging software such as Facebook already comes with loads of features, most people still prefer to search for other more anonymous local chat options.

However, online privacy has become an issue for internet users across the globe.

With governments now in the habit of monitoring and censoring their citizens as well as ISPs monitoring VoIP and chat activities, communicating with family members and friends without compromising your privacy has become difficult.

Your security options for chatting privately on Android & iOS systems have gotten pretty limited.

Are you looking to connect securely with people from all over the planet and make new friends?

If yes, then this post which highlights this year’s anonymous chat apps for Android systems that enable you to communicate with strangers is for you.

You can make new friends from all over the planet with enabled video calls and group chats with random people - without revealing your personal details!

Work out the best anonymous chat app for you and begin connecting with new people today.

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10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps/ Stranger Chat Apps For Android

  1. Chatous
  2. PSST!
  3. ChatOften
  4. FRIM
  5. ZooRoom - Video Chat With Strangers
  6. Cipher
  7. Whisper
  8. MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
  9. SayHiChat
  10. Anonymous Chat Rooms

1. Chatous

You can download the Chatous app to chat with other users from around the planet about those topics you care most about.

Its 4-star overall user rating and 197,672 positive reviews on Google Play Store are proof that Chatous is already regarded by many as the best anonymous chat app out there.

All connections made via the Chatous app are rich and authentic.

You can connect and remain in touch with other Chatous users you enjoy chatting with and even go on to share photos and engage in live video chats.

2. PSST!

The Psst! app is all about connecting anonymously with other like-minded users.

Download Psst! to own arguably the best anonymous chat app for android for connecting and exchanging anonymous conversations and content.

You can quickly become part of this anonymous social network that can boast of features like no other anonymous local chat app.

Psst! users can connect to share news, daily life experiences, thoughts, confessionals, secrets, funny jokes & pictures anonymously with a global community that is genuinely interested in their opinions.

You can even vote and make comments (anonymously) and send private messages to others without exposing your actual identity.

Perhaps you are enjoying the personal connection with another user; you can add such a person as a friend.

Your IM photos can only be viewed by those people whom you have added as friends; hence you won't receive random pictures like most other anonymous chat apps for Android.

Moreover, you can follow interesting posts anonymously and get notifications whenever such users post again.

Users of this anonymous local chat app never know who they are following while they also don't know who’s following them.

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3. ChatOften

Users of this app can connect with and talk to accidental strangers about anything.

You can ask questions, and exchange secrets on the go while you make the next few hours an enjoyable experience.

No need to use real names, no history, rules, or violence. This app maintains a strict policy on harassing others.

Users must be 18 years old and above before using this software. Any users that refuse to conform will be expelled from the app community.

If you’re ready to meet with thousands of new people online, you should download this app now!

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4. Frim

Introducing Frim - arguably the best anonymous chat app for iOS and android systems that comes at zero cost.

It features a wide variety of listed chat rooms that enable users to easily join their preferred environment for random discussions with total strangers.

It even comes with free options to make new friends nearby.

All these awesome features have helped this software to rank among the top free anonymous chat apps on mobile platforms.

This application also allows users to express themselves with various badges and utilize age filters to locate friends within their age group.

5. ZooRoom - Video Chat With Friends

Install Zooroom the group video chat software from Rubyspark Corporation that was developed for iOS and Android systems.

This anonymous local chat software consumes very little battery charge so it is an efficient battery saver as well as an app that lets you start conversations with total strangers without prior registration.

However, you will be required to create a fresh chat room before you can begin chatting with complete strangers on this app.

Once you have created your private chat room, you will then be able to share the link among your friends so they can join your exclusive chat room.

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6. Cipher

With Cipher, you have anonymous and digital chatting software for iOS devices which enables you to start chatting easily with unknown people from around the world.

This popular software has even been touted as the best anonymous chat app that allows you to easily share top-secret information such as passwords, phone numbers, security answers, and many others with your friends or complete strangers.

Every message sent via this app is secured with a unique ID and digital signature so that no one else can access it without the correct passcode.

7. Whisper

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know the private thoughts of other people around you?

Download the Whisper app to become part of an online community of millions of users from across the world that allows you to share personal thoughts and exchange useful counsel.

The Whisper experience is different from that of other major chat networks thanks to its raw, moving, and sometimes addictive content.

This app offers an excellent opportunity to connect with new people since you can send direct messages to other Whisper users.

8. MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

This is MeetMe the popular software developed for chatting, going Live, and meeting new people.

MeetMe is probably the best anonymous chat app for finding new people in your vicinity who share common interests and are interested in chatting with you too. This app is fun, user-friendly, and free of charge.

You can hook up with over 100 million other users worldwide for private messaging, video streaming & chatting all while you make new friends daily.

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9. SayHi Chat Meet Dating People

Introducing SayHi Chat; the fairly new but popular software developed for helping users connect with other users nearby and spend unlimited chat hours together.

It comes with a remarkable geo-location feature which makes for the swift location of strangers based on their actual position in real-time.

You can even make use of bogus GPS coordinates to conceal your actual location.

Moreover, this multitasking app also has a free video chat option, text emojis, as well as photo-sharing options.

10. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Download and use the Anonymous chat rooms software from AntiChat Inc made for Android systems.

It will enable you to begin chatting anonymously in engaging chat rooms, make online hookups, and other social networking options.

New users even can utilize this app without prior registration and can express themselves in different anonymous chat rooms without revealing their true identities.

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Here Are The List Of Best Anonymous Chat Apps/ Stranger Chat Apps For Android

  1. Chatous
  2. PSST!
  3. ChatOften
  4. FRIM
  5. ZooRoom - Video Chat With Strangers
  6. Cipher
  7. Whisper
  8. MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
  9. SayHiChat
  10. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions on Anonymous Chat Apps For Android & iPhone

Q1. Which is the best free anonymous chat app?

Ans. MeetMe is the best anonymous chat apps to talk with strangers in 2022.

Q2. Which is the Best anonymous chat app India?

Ans. Bumble is the best Free anonymous chat app in India.

Q3. Which is the Best Anonymous chat app without login?

Ans. Talk With Stranger is the best anonymous chat app without login.

Q4. Which is the best stranger video chat app without login?

Ans. Talk With Stranger is the best stranger video chat app without login.

In Conclusion...

Here ends our round-up of the finest anonymous chat apps for Android and iOS systems.

Each app recommendation above guarantees your absolute anonymity so feel free to try out more than one.