The 6 Best Android Projectors 2021

Here are the 6 best android projectors for 2021. All these projectors are very easy to carry since they are light and take up little space.

The 6 Best Android Projectors 2021

A Projector is a very useful tool in many contexts. It is not only perfect for making presentations in meetings or even during our classes if we are teachers. 

For some time now, it has also become quite fashionable to use a projector at home, creating a kind of home theater thanks to its applications. 

In general, it is a very useful tool that can be of use to you both professionally and personally, and I can not think of any reason why its purchase is not recommended.

Especially now that they are beginning to modernize and both the quality of projection and the devices through which you can project have improved. 

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Here are the 6 Best Android Projectors

  1. Otha Mini Portable Projector
  2. ThermElc Mini Ultra HD Projector
  3. Android Full HD Mini Projector
  4. Pico Tenswall Portable Projector
  5. Artlii Portable Wi-Fi Projector
  6. Mini DLP LED Projector for Android

1. Otha Mini Portable Projector

This projector is perfect if you are looking for an option that allows you to transport it with the greatest of facilities. 

It is equipped with Android and allows you to enjoy series, movies, documentaries, or home videos anywhere, just connect it with your mobile. 

It has a fairly sharp and good quality image, although it will also depend on the distance at which you place it from the surface, and its surface has a touch screen that allows you to modify the characteristics of the image in the simplest way. 

Can be connected via HDMI cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, and its battery lasts about two hours, so it is advisable to plug it in if we are going to see something longer. Quality, vivid image, and a price that, while expensive, is very suitable considering the properties of the product.

2. ThermElc Mini Ultra HD Projector

A multifunctional option that not only serves as a projector but as an electronic box compatible with many platforms, such as Google or YouTube, so you can use it to project from the device itself. 

Your connection is wireless and you can do it with devices of many types, as long as they are compatible. 

In addition to having a very elegant design, it is a lightweight device perfect for carrying, and with a tripod included to make it more comfortable to place when projecting. 

The battery lasts between two and three hours, and the surface is tactile so you can operate it comfortably. 

It can offer you 4K quality, and that alone seems to be one of the best options in this type of product.

3. Android Full HD Mini Projector

Another Otha brand product, which guarantees the quality of the projector. 

Thanks to its system, it is perfect for playing and projecting streaming platforms such as Netflix, so creating a cinema anywhere, because it is very easy and comfortable to transport. 

You do not need to feel tied to the battery because it has a USB charger that you can keep connected to last as long as you want, and its panel is multi-touch so that the handling of the device is much more intuitive. 

You can use it to project all kinds of entertainment in style, from movies to video games, and it is so small that it fits in one hand. 

Android Full HD Mini Projector affordable and practical, one of the smartest purchases in this category.

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4. Pico Tenswall Portable Projector

A very versatile option that you can connect to multiple devices is this Tenswall projector. 

In addition to having a very simple and functional system, as well as elegant, it includes a tripod to make it easier to place, and it has different connections, including HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 

That means that, in addition to your mobile device, you can also connect it to your computer or tablet without any problem. 

Its image quality allows you to project both indoors and outdoors since it projects in Full HD Home Cinema. 

Its lighting is not aggressive and protects the view, which is always a plus, and it is one of the cheapest products in terms of Android projectors.

5. Artlii Portable Wi-Fi Projector

The most compact projector on the market and therefore the easiest to transport. 

Perfect to liven up any party, both indoors and outdoors, and it has a long-lasting, easily rechargeable battery. 

Its Wi-Fi connection is very stable, so you will not have to worry about it being constantly disconnected, so you can watch any streaming platform without interruptions. 

It has a synchronization technology that guarantees you not only a quality image but also sharpness throughout the projection, not only in the center but also in the corners, which provides a much more complete experience. 

It is also a built-in speaker, but it is not of very good quality, so it is advisable to have an external one.

6. Mini DLP LED Projector for Android

If what you are looking for is an affordable but functional option, this Otha model is ideal. 

This brand has a very wide range of options, hence it has more expensive models and cheaper models, like this one. 

It allows you to browse the Internet directly and select streaming without interruptions due to the Wi-Fi connection, and in addition to being compatible with Android, it is also compatible with iPhone

It does not need tripods thanks to the direction of the projector's light, so it is especially comfortable both for daily use and for traveling since you do not need accessories except for the portable battery. 

It has an HDMI connection to connect it to other devices such as the computer itself. Versatile and economical, a simpler but very successful option.

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How to choose the best Android projector for you

First of all, I consider that choosing an Android projector instead of choosing a more traditional one is a sure hit. 

With the advancement of technologies, traditional connections have become obsolete, and although it is advisable to have a physical connection such as the HDMI adapter, a projector that has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has compatibility with operating systems such as Android is a great advantage. 

If you have come this far, it is because you will know very well how useful and versatile this type of projectors can be since they can be transported with maximum comfort, they are intuitive, easy to use, and also allow you to project in streaming without needing a physical connection. 

As a result of all the advantages these products present,

In this list, you will only find 6, but if you have been researching for a while you will know that the range of possibilities is much wider. 

I can give you a series of very basic tips to succeed with a purchase of this type, because, however affordable some may be, the truth is that they are not cheap and the last thing we want is to spend more money on a product that was not what we were looking for. 

Therefore, one of the main things you should take into account is the budget, that you want to spend on this because the prices vary a lot and you can find some relatively cheap and others whose prices seem exorbitant. 

It won't cost you anything to find an Android projector that has everything you need without costing a pasture, so keep your budget in mind and don't fall into the trap of thinking that the most expensive is the best.

Another very important aspect is portability. All these projectors are very easy to carry since they are light and take up little space, but there are some that need a tripod for a higher quality projection, and others that do not. 

Although it may seem like a minor annoyance, you will not like to arrive at a party, want to project something, and realize that you will not be able to do it the way you want because you have forgotten that little accessory. 

There are brands that offer you a projector that does not need extras of this type, and personally, they seem like a greater success. 

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With regard to the extras, also look at the connections, because if it has an HDMI you can also connect your computer and you will not depend solely on your mobile or tablet, in case you have run out of battery, for example.

Most of these projectors offer you very similar advantages to each other, but that is precisely why you don't have to go for a high-end product to get a quality image and a durable item. 

Look at what interests you the most based on the use you are going to give it, and you will surely find what you need at a reasonable price.


Here ends our post about the Best Android Projectors 2021. You can bookmark this page for updates on the forthcoming Android apps. Don't be hesitate to comment on our comment box.