15 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games [2022]

Here is the list of best multiplayer mobile games. With these multiplayer games mobile, you can challenge your friends or an opposing team along with your friends.

15 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games  [2022]

It is no secret to anyone that Android is the mobile operating system that has more alternatives for its users, both in terms of personalization and the variety of apps that it hosts in its official store.

Thus, one of the leading applications that Android users usually download is games, and it has become a favorite entertainment for many.

Playing with the mobile is fun and exciting, but the games are short to play when the user plays it alone.

There is the possibility of playing with others or against others; the experience multiplies and is considered much more attractive.

For this reason, Android users have become used to looking for multiplayer mobile games options to run directly from their smartphone and tablet to establish healthy competition among friends.

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Therefore, at this point in the post, we will mention the 15 best multiplayer mobile games to play with or against other people :

Here is a list of the Best Multiplayer Mobile Games

  1. Crossy road
  2. Pubg Mobile
  3. Hearthstone
  4. Asphalt 9: Legends
  6. FIFA Soccer
  7. UNO!
  8. BombSquad
  9. Glow Hockey 2
  10. 8 ball pool
  11. Mortal Kombat
  12. Apalabrados
  13. Clash Royale
  14. Brawl Stars
  15. AdventureQuest 3D

1. Crossy road

It consists of an Android game that allows users to entertain themselves while they are together; it is not a title intended to carry out games against users on the other side of the world.

Other cars can complicate things for you, and these belong to the other players.

In this sense, there is the possibility of creating a local game with several friends, and whoever finishes the tour first will be the winner of all.

It should be noted that it is recommended to open the app when you have a WiFi connection and, among other details, the game contains more than 100 characters that you can select; it is also completely free and has support for Android TV.

This game is one of the best Android multiplayer games.

2. Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile is the best android multiplayer game designed for mobile phones that are considered ideal for users who enjoy shooting experiences.

Thus, it contains 99 other players, and of all, only one will be able to save himself.

One of the most significant advantages of this multiplayer game is that it emits excellent HD graphics and 3D sound that catches the attention of all players.

In addition, its mobile controls are customizable, it has voice chat and various modes of entertainment.

For its part, it offers gigantic battle maps from where you can observe the battlefields of different extensions and terrains in detail, as well as the dynamic climate, the cycles of day and night. 

So, it increases the interest of all the players and allows them to obtain a more remarkable ability. It should be noted that it is recommended to use one hand to improve the knowledge and win.

3. Hearthstone

It has been considered the most famous epic card game, thanks to the fact that it admits the possibility of forming decks and competing against the Artificial Intelligence of the smartphone or other players regardless of distance.

The game is to cast spells, multiply troops, and shoot with your hero to win.

Even though this multiplayer game can be a bit complicated at first, the truth is that once you take practice, you will start to lead the experience and have the most fun day after day.

It is valuable to distinguish that this Android multiplayer game is available in English, French, German, and Chinese Spanish.

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4. Asphalt 9: Legends

In addition to being one of the best Android multiplayer games, it has also been classified as one of the best-made car games for mobile devices and, thus, it has great recognition in the Google Play Store.

In this sense, it offers around 50 sports cars, prestigious and high-speed that each player can select according to their tastes, in the form of a collection.

In addition to this, Asphalt 9 stands out for adapting its resolution to any terminal from which each person decides to run the title and ensures that it provides the highest quality possible. 

Among other details of the experience, you can customize your car through its editor, maximize your speed with some options, complete more than 60 seasons and 800 races, and even create an online club of drivers to collaborate with colleagues.


Although it is true, it is a game that can already be considered a classic in the world of smartphones and, incredibly, among the vast majority of Android users.

It is considering that, thanks to its possibility of having multiplayer games options and accepting up to four competitors in front of the same terminal (in cooperative mode).

It has increased its recognition and treasure many downloads in the Play Store since it is free.

Additionally, it refers to a title that hosts more than 30 multiplayer levels and, to have great entertainment, it is worth accessing the experience. 

One of its most significant advantages is that it has a visually attractive interface; it provides unique atmospheres compared to other video games and offers intuitive controls and a level editor to create and share them as you like.

5. FIFA Soccer

You can challenge your friends in 11vs11 matches in real-time. Therefore, it ensures an experience of great enjoyment.

In addition to this, FIFA Soccer has the option to create your group from the "Create your ultimate team" function and there, you can train the members to become superstars once you train your squad with players from the same country.

In addition to this, it offers a new type of competition with rewards that are valued by levels and, of course, according to each person's performance on a weekly and monthly basis.

6. UNO!

From being a famous family board game, it became one of the best multiplayer games to run from your mobile or tablet, thanks to its app being available on the Google Play Store and free.

Thus, it offers the possibility of playing against three other friends and opponents to have maximum fun and, in a way, very similar to the board game.

You can show your skills and earn rewards, and you can also work as a team to improve the strategy and ensure victory and even provide a new function with which you can associate with other people to work as a team and do new approach through 2v2 mode.

It is appropriate to distinguish that you can create your games with your own rules and play the new card "Discard all" to manage to remove a full color from all the cards you have.

7. BombSquad

Bombsquad is the best multiplayer game for up to 8 players is also considered a good alternative for Android users to entertain themselves from anywhere and in the company of their friends, just by using their mobile phone or tablet.

Thus, it consists of throwing all kinds of explosives at the other players to make your way and reach the goal.

Throughout the experience, an imminent bomber will be present due to the presence of TNT and land mines, as well as sticky bombs that no one will be able to get rid of in BombSquad.

Although it allows you to play in local multiplayer mode with up to 8 participants, the game certainly also supports fewer players to enjoy the experience.

You must use this app using a WiFi connection since it is online.

8. Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is an addictive game; we present this other alternative that Android users have directly in thePlay Store, being a title characterized by exhibiting a somewhat peculiar game form concerning most options. 

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9. 8 ball pool

As its name implies, it is a classic shining game ideal for those Android users who are fans of pool games

However, it has a distinctive feature that refers to its multiplayer game. It allows organizing games of only one player against another and up to tournaments of 8 players in total.

In addition, each competitor can challenge their friends by logging in fromFacebook to challenge them at any time.

Taking into account other particularities, we note that the 8 Ball Pool has several customization options to adjust, in your own way, both the game table and the cue.

In case you win the game, the coins in play will be all yours and you will be able to enter new games of a higher level that will pose a new challenge and, in addition, will position you in much more exclusive areas of the game.

Regarding the graphics, they are considered to be very good. The physics of the balls is very well achieved to provide an advanced experience and similar to real billiards.

<10. Mortal Kombat

This legendary multiplayer mobile games is so iconic on traditional consoles, is also present on mobile, and is available on the Google Play Store for free.

It offers the same action as the game for game consoles and, thus, has attracted the attention of many users worldwide.

They will be able to choose between 130 personages to assure the bloodiest battles with its multiplayer game mode of three against three.

Detailing the main characteristics of this game mode, we highlight that it offers new special attacks and offers you the option of creating your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters to lead it and win battles with warriors capable of overcoming your enemies.

In addition to that, it has selections to customize your game and demonstrate your skills through infinite combinations, to acquire special rewards is a epic mission.

11. Apalabrados

Apalabrados is a successful word game that has become a worldwide phenomenon due to its adaptation on mobile phones and the possibility of playing against friends or strangers; this game is one of the best multiplayer games. 

So, you will have to form crosswords on the board, multiply your points by placing tiles in the special boxes and choose between two game modes (classic or fast).

In addition, Apalabrados supports the customization of the tiles and the board and is a game available in English, Spanish, and 15 other languages, for completely free.

In addition, add a chat so that competitors can chat during the game that can last a few minutes or even hours or even weeks, depending on their degree of difficulty as progress progresses.

11. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the best multiplayer games for Android users and other operating systems.

Thus, it has been classified as one of the most addictive multiplayer games since it is a card game in which the deck must be mixed with the evolution provided by each character and the same combat ability.

This game takes place in real-time and is based on each competitor challenging many more players from all over the world to win trophies.

In addition, Clash Royale participants must focus on destroying their rival's towers to acquire new crowns and get epic chests, allowing you to unlock rewards and powerful cards to optimize all your skills. 

Regarding its multiplayer mode, the game allows you to assemble a clan to share cards and thus, create your battle community to shoot down the evil ones. You can even challenge your allies in private duels for practice.

12. Brawl Stars

SuperCell develops brawl Stars game; This game has billions of Android users worldwide, who have been interested in entering the battles of this experience and fighting together with their companions or alone, thanks to the fact that it contains a great variety of game modes that last around three minutes.

The more you win, the more opportunities they will have to unlock and improve "brawlers" with powerful super-attacks. 

Now, concerning the available game modes that allow you to choose, we highlight the following:"Atrapagemas (3v3)" where you have to catch 10 gems to win, "Starfighter (3v3)"that stands out for ending your rivals and earn stars, "Survival (in a duo or solitary)" which is a fighting mode, "Ball Brawl (3v3)" in which you must demonstrate your skill with the ball and score two goals to emerge victorious and"Heist (3v3) ”which consists of protecting your team's safe and stealing that of the opposing team.

;It also features special events like PvE and PvP gameplay for a limited time.

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13. AdventureQuest 3D

To conclude with this list dedicated to Android users, we emphasize this adventure and multiplayer game that is one of the latest to have arrived in the mobile and multiplayer nature scene.

Thus, it refers to an experience based on a world of magic, witchcraft, and swords that provides excellent graphics and an optimal game quality with a great setting.

It should be noted that this game developed by Artix gives you the possibility to play with your friends and even with other unknown participants regardless of their location to offer much more fun.

Regarding the villains and monsters that this title contains, we find vampire lords, pirates, ninjas, gladiators, and many dragons.

Also, the title takes place in a strange city that constantly changes to reflect the seasons, considering that it is updated very quickly. All this, for free and without additional costs after entering the game app.