Best Android Apps 2021

Here are the 13 best android apps for 2021. If you looking for the best Android apps to personalize your smartphone then this article is for you.

Best Android Apps 2021

Mobile phones help us with more things every day. They serve as an alarm to wake us up, as a calendar to view dates or write plans, they are our calculator, our flashlight, our photo, and video camera, our portable game console, our game assistant,… And apart from that all are they allow us to call!

Are you looking for the best Android apps to personalize your smartphone to your liking and to make your life more fun and practical? 

We have the option you are looking for in this selection with the necessary apps from Google Play. 

Most of the Android Apps are free, so don't hesitate to consult our full list until you find and download your needs.

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Here are the 13 best Android Apps for 2021

  1. uTorrent for Android
  2. Edmondo
  3. Kindle
  4. Flipboard
  5. Google Maps
  6. SkyScanner
  7. BlaBlaCar
  8. Airbnb
  9. Zedge
  10. Duolingo
  11. HootSuite
  12. PowerAmp Music Player
  13. Camera ZOOM FX

1. uTorrent for Android

If movies are your passion and your mobile also becomes your video player when you travel or when you spend idle time on the road, then definitely you are interested in knowing the best apps to download movies on Android Huh.

Utorrent definitely sounds like you, because it is the best torrent download program for PC. 

Well, we are lucky that they also have an official app to download movies and videos from Android phones or tablets. 

The way to do it is the same on a computer: add your torrent and the uTorrent app will automatically download the movie, series, or whatever you download to your mobile.

However, this is not the only app of this type. If you want options, check out what we consider the best apps for downloading movies.

2. Edmondo

Going for a run with my mobile is one of the things I appreciate most about technology. 

Thanks to Edmondo, I can know the distance that I do, the time that I am doing in real-time, I can share my points with my friends, I will compete with them and with the people of the world Am, and I have a personal "animator" who encourages me on my travels.

And all of this is possible because I use the Edmundo app, one of the best running apps on Google Play. 

It has a community with over 25 million users, and they share their routes, their time, etc. Thanks to this I have discovered new routes in my city.

If you want to know alternative apps from these, then there are some others that are also fantastic. 

Read our article about the best Android running apps and find out if there is one that suits your taste.

3. Kindle

Are you a Kindle user but sometimes in your dead time away from home, you read from your mobile phone? 

In that case, you will like the official Kindle app, as it is designed so that you have your books available at all times.

We love this app with its Whispersync system, which allows us to synchronize our readings with all of our devices. 

From anywhere we can follow our interesting reading, whether we have it in our hands or not.

If you're not a Kindle user, but you're looking for an app to read on Android, don't miss our top apps for reading books.

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4. Flipboard

In our list of best Android apps Don't miss any of your favorite media publications. Do you want to be able to read all the entries that they publish in a very intuitive format like a magazine? 

In that case, you have to download the Flipboard apps, which are required for Android.

We will personalize the information that we want you to show us, whether it is news or entries from specific portals. 

And the app will show it to us in magazine format, to consult it quickly and comfortably. It includes a widget to do everything even more at hand.

5. Google maps

There is a choice of mobile lifespan and GPS maps that have been with us for some time. 

Now we already have an accurate GPS with the same mobile that takes us everywhere. 

This is why we think that other essential apps in your phone may not be Google Maps.

With this apps, you will not only reach your destination in the shortest time, but it will make you aware of the alternate routes, it will show you the possible accidents that can happen on the selected route, we can make the preferred route, ... 

And since it is from Google, it is constantly learning and it will adapt to our needs as no one else does.

6. SkyScanner

Do you like to travel and are you always consulting websites to find flights on offer? 

Android has many apps of this type, but one of the ones we like the most is SkyScanner. This is one of the best android apps in this category.

Android 30 million users use it daily around the world, and that's saying a lot.

Why is it so good? Because it is a search engine centralizer where we can find last minute flights or low-cost flights easily and with the best-guaranteed prices. 

You can also filter by results, tell it to show you cheap flights anywhere, and you can search for flights to the whole world.

7. BlaBlaCar

If you travel by car and want to save on gas costs, there are many Android apps that allow you to find other users to share the car with. All of them, the best one is BlaBlaCar. You must have heard about that.

At the user level, you want to indicate the city of origin of your destination, and you will get all the trips you can get and the price you will spend on it. 

And if you want to drive yourself, make your way and point out the ones you can take. This android app is Fast, simple, and intuitive. And it will save you a lot of money on gas!

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8. Airbnb

Another best Android apps if you want to save money. With Airbnb, we save money when renting our holiday accommodation. 

We can find all types of accommodation from the entire apartment to only one room. Also chalets, penthouses, studios, ...

This app keeps us in touch with such landlords around the world who offer to rent their homes to us from day one to week or month. 

The apps show us photos of what each house contains, we can quickly contact the landlord, ... We have house rentals from all over the world.

9. Zedge

Customizing mobile is something that many of us look for. And making it the best android app ever is Zedge. 

In this, we can find practically everything to give our phone a personal touch. And all its resources are free!

In the Zedge app, you can find themes for your mobile, wallpaper and background, music and tone, games,…. 

It renews almost every day with hundreds of new resources, and people vote to indicate the best ones.

If what you are looking for is just an app to customize your mobile background.

10. Duolingo

If you want an app to learn English from your Android, Duolingo is the best you can choose. 

This app is 100% free, it is a very instructive and intuitive app, which facilitates language learning. 

In this app the more you learn, the more you level up, in a game-like mode.

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11. HootSuite

If you are passionate about social networks and you are an active user, then the HootSuite app is required on your smartphone. 

It is one of the best network management apps for Android, and it will save you a lot of time. 

With this app, you will be able to manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and even LinkedIn profiles very easily.

In this app, you can not only manage all your profiles, but you can also monitor the work done on your social profiles. 

Here you can also schedule the post. You have a free option that allows you to manage up to 3 profiles. If you want more, there is a paid version.

If, apart from this social media management app, you want to know all the social networks which have official apps on Android.

12. Poweramp Music Player

Earlier we saw how apps download music from Android. If what you are looking for is the best music player to listen to your favorite songs, then for us the best of them is PowerAmp Music Player. 

It is one of the best, one of the most stable, and one of the most functional.

With this app, you will be able to listen to music on your mobile without affecting its operation at least. 

And among its many functionalities, you'll find some as practical as a 10-band graphic equalizer, the ability to view and search song lyrics, and customization options such as widgets and themes.

13. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX is one of the best camera apps for android, to take pictures. 

It has an infinity of modes and functionalities that will bring your mobile closer to semi-professional compact cameras.

Among its most notable features, we find a 6x digital zoom, white balance, improved night shooting, shooting with voice control, or a practical Burst mode, which can take up to 20 photos per second. 

And of course, being an app, with a single click we can share our photos both on WhatsApp and on social networks.

The Round-Up...

Here ends our post about the Best Android Apps 2021. You can bookmark this page for updates on the forthcoming Android apps. Don't be hesitate to comment on our comment box.