Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives That Work in 2021 [& Are SAFE]

Here is the list of 10 best Kickass Torrents Alternatives of 2020. Kickass Torrent is undoubtedly one of the best since it provides access to a lot of multimedia content. 

Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives That Work in 2021 [& Are SAFE]

Torrents sites, like Best Torrent, compare many types of content, some of it copyrighted, but also another completely legal and free. 

However, downloading it directly can take forever, which is why many users turn to kickass torrents.

But what if BitTorrent doesn't work? Well, that's why in this post we have compiled the alternatives to BitTorrent.

First of all, we must explain that to use these websites you must download a program capable of opening them. 

That is why I recommend that you take a look at the best Torrent sites that we have chosen. 

We have also made a list of the best torrent sites of the moment, so if you do not find any that you like in this list, perhaps you should see that list.

Torrent is undoubtedly one of the best since it provides access to a lot of multimedia content. 

However, many times we are frustrated by different failures of it. 

For this reason, we show you a compilation of the Kickass Torrent alternatives for this download page, so that you can continue downloading content without any problem.

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Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents That Work Right Now

  1. The pirate bay
  2. ExtraTorrent
  3. 1337X
  4. YTS
  5. LimeTorrents
  6. Torrentz2
  7. RARBG
  8. EZTV
  9. Zoogle

1. The pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent alternatives, which allows you to search, download, and contribute torrent files, so we can not only download but also upload virus-free files. 

Therefore, it is a widely used kickass torrents alternatives for downloading movies, videos, music, series, and even video games.

However, not everything is rosy, since it is blocked in some countries like Spain, but it can be easily accessed through the websites listed in the proxies list or alternatives such as Unblock Torrent.

2. ExtraTorrent

One of the worst moments for torrent fans was the crash of ExtraTorrent, considered by many to be the perfect website.

However, it already has a successor, who knows how to represent the essence of the original site very well.

In this Kickass  torrent alternatives, we can find all kinds of content and although it is not as efficient as those mentioned above, we can have a good amount of content, be it movies, series, music, video games, anime, books, and even software.

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3. 1337X

In 1337X we will find all types of content, whether from third parties or from community users, combined with the separation by categories such as movies, series, games, music, and others. 

In addition to rankings for the most requested content and even, it has a good repertoire of software and music.

It is one of the best torrent sites with the highest traffic of 2019, according to a report by TorrentFreak and it became one of the most outstanding, generating progress and solving problems, managing to grow traffic, and improving the site as the days went by. 

Also considered the most complete to download torrents today.

4. YTS

YTS is also great Kickass torrent alternatives dedicated to movie torrents, specifically high-quality, lightweight versions, all combined with a wide variety of virus-free files. So it is a fairly reliable page and above all, safe.

Regarding its content, it collects many of the latest movies released, but only uploads the content in English or its original language. 

However, it is one of the best kickass torrents alternatives on the Internet, a title that has earned it multiple conflicts with the UK authorities, where it was blocked in mid-2013.

5. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the most recommended best kickass torrent alternative sites of 2021 and with ten years behind it, it is easy to see why. 

In addition, it has a wide variety of content, which ranges from software to video games, through movies, music, books, and anime. 

All this in the more than 10 million files found in its catalog, all of them with the best quality you can find.

As for its navigation, because the truth is quite intuitive and allows you to use different filters and categories to reduce the search results. The reasons why it is becoming a very popular website in recent years.

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6. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 stands out for its clean interface that presents a single search field without additions, which will allow us to find any content we want, directly from its base of 61.1 million torrents, mostly from 91 different domains of public trackers.

So, in case you want to search for a file, no matter what it is, this will probably be your ideal option to find it.

Torrentz2 is also considered as the best torrent alternatives.


RARBG focuses on quality and not the quantity of content, so files are even categorized so that the user can browse and find what they want quickly and easily. 

In addition, this alternatives to kickass torrents has membership plans, so if you are lucky, you will be able to find your file in high quality and for free.

RARBG is one of the best torrent alternative sites of 2021 and stands out for the great quality it offers in its multiple films, making it an icon of what it is to achieve a true and satisfactory multimedia experience, whether for music, movies, or video games.


We previously told you about YTS, which is focused on movies, we must tell you a bit about EZTV, a site that is possibly the best series search engine today. 

Because we can find the last chapters of any series and program only a few moments after it is broadcast.

It is a successor to a mythical page dedicated to lovers of television series, which is why for years it has been dedicated to offering the best episodes after they are broadcast in the United States or in other countries.

9. Zooqle

Zooqle is a recommended torrent alternatives if you want to download series or movies, thanks to its way of tags the content by categories or resolution, and also allows us to catalog it by seasons and chapters, allowing us to choose any episode and later the version we want to download.

Basically, it is one of the most visited best torrent sites in the world, something normal considering its simple interface and the little intrusive advertising it contains. 

In addition to a list of the most downloaded Kickass torrents alternatives at the moment and also the most recent ones.



Here ends our post about the alternatives to kickass torrents.

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