15 apps that will improve your Instagram account

Check a list of the 15 best applications for Instagram and explore them with the aim of raising the level of your profile on the network.

15 apps that will improve your Instagram account

Currently, Instagram is considered as the best social network after Facebook, so more and more companies join this platform that allows them, if they use it well, to position themselves in more competitive markets.

Next, we will talk about the applications for Instagram that you must have to optimize your account, increase followers, share quality content, making videos on Reel, and improve the appearance of your publications.

Discover which are the best applications for Instagram to improve your corporate or personal profile. Keep reading!

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Apps for scheduling Instagram posts

1. Schedugram

It is a programming platform that has a wide variety of features among which we find the possibility of programming your content, promotional, and advertising campaigns effectively. Also, it allows for managing multiple accounts.

In addition, it has an image editing tool that adjusts to Instagram style, with additional alternatives to classic filters.

Another of its most striking features is that it has the ability to upload a greater number of posts at the same time, which represents time optimization, especially for those who are dedicated to social media marketing and manage multiple accounts.

2. Later

This application designed to be used in web format, on mobile devices and tablets, is used to plan content promotion campaigns, and also suggests the correct hashtag (which we well know is a potential positioning tool).

This platform also allows previewing how the publication strategy will be developed, in order to correct errors before the post is published.

3. Hootsuite

It is one of the tools for managing social networks best known and used by those who manage accounts on networks, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

However, its version for the management of Instagram allows users to automate their publications and at the same time the massive programming of content.

Apps for Instagram ads

1. Instagram Ads

As it could not be otherwise, Instagram has its own tool for creating advertising content.

This app, being part of the Facebook family, uses the same Business Manager platform, which is very intuitive and through it it is possible to create advertisements in a striking format.

One of its biggest advantages is that to reach a larger audience, this Instagram tool has access to a large amount of information from Facebook users, with which, advertisers can create more effective campaigns with knowledge of data, likes, and preferences. 

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Video editing apps

1. Inshot

Inshot is compatible with Android and iOS devices, which allows you to edit videos to which you can add music, voice effects, texts, and images.

Another of its features is that it is a multifunctional application. Although its basis is video editing, it is also possible to edit photos and create image collages.

It has the advantage that it is very intuitive and easy to use. It is recommended to learn to create videos from a very basic level, that is, it is ideal for those who are just starting out on this platform.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

It is one of the most popular video editing applications out there. It is free to download and one of its main advantages is that you can make video editing freely and automatically.

The application can also correct color defects and has an extensive music library ideal for basic video editing from a mobile device.

Apps for Instagram Stories

1. StoryChic

This application is special for designing stories for Instagram. It has pre-established templates defined according to the type of publication you want to do (food, tourism, fashion, and more).

Another important feature is that some of these templates are animated with a video effect and that you can accompany them with different audios.

Once the stories have been created and before publishing them, you can preview your template and at the end, you can save them on your device or publish directly to your Instagram account.

2. StoryArt

This application is to design stories on Instagram is one of the best valued by users of both iOS and Android operating systems.

It is very simple to use and has a wide variety of pre-established templates (more than two hundred) and free to use. You can also add design effects, filters, and texts.

Of course, keep in mind that you should not abuse the use of these tools, especially if what you manage is a business account and what you want is to apply digital marketing strategies.

Apps for photo editing on Instagram


This is the most popular photo editing app for Instagram. In fact, the #vsco hashtag is one of the most used by users of the social network.

It happens that this free download application has a wide variety of filters that, if used properly, can be very useful.

It is true that not all are free and that if you are interested in getting the most out of it, it is advisable to pay the annual subscription, but you could also use it with the free basic filters and the results are just as good.

2. Snapseed

It is a free app to download photo editor that has multiple alternatives to edit and retouch photos in a very professional way.

If we compare it with other apps like VSCO, its filters are not the best, but it has the ability to make selective adjustments, making it possible to darken or brighten certain parts of the photo.

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Apps to share posts or repost

1. Repost for Instagram

It is a super popular application in the Instagram community and it is very easy to use.

Once you download it to your device, you will automatically have access to a video tutorial that will help you use it.

When choosing the content you want to repost, this application creates a watermark with the data of the account you want to repost.
In this way, it ensures that the account of the true creator of the content will be reflected at some point in the publication and thus receive the credits you deserve.

2. Regrann

Like the previous one, Regrann works as a tool for reproducing Instagram posts. Among its options, it has a pop-up mode that automatically creates the post when the user copies a link from the link.

With this application, reposts can be done immediately, but it also has a storage mode that you can go to and publish whenever you want.

In addition, you have the option of a watermark to be able to keep the original signature of the content you want to share.

Metrics and statistics apps

1. Iconosquare

This application is designed to measure the scope of the publications made through the social network and how the performance of those contents can be optimized to make it more profitable for the account.

Some of the data that you can access with this type of analysis platform is the participation data of the followers of an account if they interact with your publications through comments and likes.

2. Instagram Insights

Because it is the analysis tool of this social network, basically you can have access to all the interaction that users have :

  • their demographic location;
  • sex;
  • age range;
  • the content they consume;
  • and with which of the characteristics of the network are most identified.

To obtain this tool it is necessary to have a commercial user, otherwise, if you have a personal account you can only measure the interaction that your followers have with your publications.

Virtual store apps for Instagram

1. Shopping on Instagram

To give strength to this business model, applications such as Shopping on Instagram have been designed and through it, it is possible that brands can now label products in their publications and stories.

At the same time they create all the necessary links so that, if the user wants to make a purchase, he can carry it out without having to leave Instagram.

The only condition to be able to access this type of application is to have an Instagram Business account.

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This is all!

Instagram is a social network that is here to stay. It has endless business opportunities and is increasingly used in the world of advertising, so you do not have an account yet, do not hesitate to open it!

If you already use it, take into account what you learned in this content to undoubtedly improve the loyalty of your followers and your sales.

Did you find this information interesting and want to continue expanding your knowledge in the area of ​​digital advertising? So, download our ebook to learn everything about it, I assure you that it will be very useful!